Between Trump and Clinton, Hillary is the lesser of two evils

Asked by: ladiesman
  • She's still better

    Although neither of them are suitable for the president of US, Hillary Clinton will certainly do a better job. Yes, she might have not said the truth about many things, but her experience is the crucial thing; she spent many years in the government, and she knows what's America's problem. And for Trump, I don't really think a corrupt and arrogant guy like him won't make a good president, for sure.

  • Trump can't even get along with the U.K.

    Sure Hillary is not a wonderful candidate by any means. I disagree with her on most things and feel like she is dishonest and untrustworthy. However, the president is mostly supposed to be the head of foreign policy over all else, and Trump can not even get along with the U.K. some of our closest allies. Of the two, Hilary is at least polite enough and knows enough about policy that she has a better chance at making friendships over Trump. She also does not believe she can make Mexico build a wall, etc.

  • Her political experience greatly surpasses Trump

    Neither Trump nor Clinton strikes me as the ideal presidential candidate, but Clinton would do a better job than Trump. A brief description of Hillary's political career; Secretary of State, First Lady and U.S. Senator. Trump's political experience: Zero. Trump's vain disposition and implausible policies make him the most unqualified candidate this country has ever seen. Hillary tries to empower people with disabilities instead of mocking them.

  • She's A Liar

    Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly think that either will make a good POTUS, but Hillary has lied her whole political career. Granted the fact that every politician lies, what she did was illegal and she is not getting pressed for it. Not to mention that she will literally say anything in order to get votes, even if she doesn't believe in it.

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