• Yes, Obama could be a good comedian.

    Obama has the sort of charisma necessary to be a good comedian. He already shows some humility in shows and events he's been a part of. There have been a small number of funny skits where he's prodded at himself. If he were allowed to have a different public opinion of himself, I'm sure he would be able to become a popular comedian.

  • Obama is always entertaining

    Say what you will about his Presidency, but Barack Obama is a cool dude. He was very entertaining on Between Two Ferns just as he is in all his media appearances. Some may argue that this takes away from his Presidential abilities, but the President is also the face of our government. It is important for him to try and connect with people.

  • Obama wold suck!

    My god you pepole are messed up! He is to sirios with demecradic rubbish! I mean he coudent run a contry he cant make jokes.His face was never happy on debates.No one can aregue with my facts,if you do
    i will shut them down. #you cant argue # I epic.

  • No laughing at all

    I do not think that Barack Obama would be a good comedian due to the fact that most comedians are generally liked. It is an overlooked concept that most comedians that have success are not usually the funniest but are the more liked or best connected. Due to his approval rating I do not believe he would be good. Plus he has never seemed like a man that is funny or good at telling jokes.

  • Barack Obama no comedian!

    I think that Barack Obama would be a horrible comedian. I do not think that he portrays his feeling svery well by his facial expressions and and also think it would be very difficult to take a former President seriously as a comedian. I think he should stick with his day job!

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