Beyonce and Jay Z: Is Beyonce Changing Her Lyrics and Accusing Jay Z of Cheating?

  • The lyrics have changed

    Nobody can say that the lyrics haven't changed - it's obvious that they have. The only real question is whether they've changed to accuse Jay Z. If it were only the six years / twelve years change, I'd be tempted to say that it was coincidence or just updating the song, but the other lyric changes? It seems fairly obvious that this is an accusation.

  • Yes, she probably is.

    It really should not matter to us as thinking people what celebrities such as these two do in their private lives, but this is a culture of celebrity. Given that, of course this guy is not a keeper and she is no doubt understanding that which is why her lyrics are changing.

  • Beyoncé angry about cheat

    Although it makes sense that Beyoncé would write about the way Jay Z made her feel when he cheated on her, it is not right to speculate or judge. The peraonal lives of celebrities should remain personal. I hope that she keeps her songs subtle, if she does not, then she has no one to blame but herself for the increase in interest of her love life.

  • Wears dead animals - Complains about being cheated on.

    Allow me to play you a tune on the worlds smallest violin. Hope you get raped, burned, and skinned. Oh, and I hope your husband cheated on you, because you're less of a person than a plastic barbie doll.

    Hoping the worst. Relevance? None, but I just want to see if this hateful post gets moderated like the ones in which I've spent time and effort which weren't half as mean-spirited.

  • Is Beyonce Accusing Jay Z? No Way!!

    I don't think that Beyonce is accusing Jay Z of cheating in her lyrics. If we were all to take lyrics this seriously the world would be in a mess. She is simply telling a tale of how it feels to be cheated on, something which has probably happened to her in the past. Therefore it could be about anyone but her and Jay Z are stronger than ever, so no, she's not accusing him.

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