Beyonce's birthday in France: Are stars too extravagant when spending their money?

  • Yes, stars are too free with their money

    Celebrities are definitely too free with their money, although I would assume not all of them are. It's just the ones who are that we hear about on the news. Many celebrities spend to such a degree that they end up in debt. Having an expensive lifestyle may be fine while they're popular, but all celebrities eventually lose popularity, and it will be difficult to maintain an elaborate lifestyle when the pay checks stop coming.

  • They get paid too much!

    I really think we need to pay them less. There are people out there risking their lives for us everyday that should get paid more. Military, EMT'S, Police officers, Fire-fighters, Doctors, they deserve more than some person who happens to have been blessed with a talent. I really think it's so messed up they get payed so much.

  • I beleive that celebrities often spend too lavishly.

    I believe that celebrities often spend too lavishly, especially on things that don't matter eternally. I enjoy celebrating milestones like birthdays, but even if I could spend millions of dollars on a birthday party doesn't mean that I should. In fact, I would prefer that celebrities made more public donations to charity in an effort to inspire everyday people to do the same.

  • It's their own money, let them spend it as they please.

    After all, it's theirs. Presumably, they earned it. As long as they're not harming the environment more than average, being generally a nice person, and not using their money for illegal purposes, they're fine! (Besides, Beyonce would never do anything that would harm the environment, is a generally nice person, and isn't a criminal.)

  • If you don't like how they spend their money, don't give them money.

    First of all, as a society, we definitely put way too much worth on celebrities. Multi-millions of dollars for someone to sing/dance/act/etc is absurd to me. Plus the fact that we insist on knowing every single aspect of their personal life. Whenever I hear news about a celebrity, I think "What if that story was about me? Why would anyone I know care about that?"

    That being said, it's their money and they can do with it whatever they want. If they choose to be irresponsible with it, then that's their prerogative. If you don't like the amount of money they can be lavish with, then its our fault for putting so much value in an entertainer that they can become millionaires for virtually any reason. Then again it's our money we give them and we can spend it how we want, so if we want to give millions to celebrities, then that's our prerogative. Either way, it's not the celebrities fault.

  • Only if WE had it

    And I say we as an "middle class". I can't speak for everyone but I'm sure if your an average person who has a family, works 40+ hours, and makes ok money just so happens to come up on more money than usual you're going to splurge a little bit. If I have fifty extra dollars and all my bills are paid I'm gonna splurge just a bit. Same thing with celebrities, the only difference is they do more lavishly, more expensive, and more often.

  • No. Stars are not too extravagant when spending their money.

    It's no one's business how anyone spends their own money that they earned. If they want to spend it on a trip to France for their birthday, then they are entitled to do it without anyone judging them. if Beyonce were not in the public eye and was just a girl that got an inheritance, would people be talking about how she's spending too much money on a birthday trip?

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