• Yes, I love Tina!

    I'm a big fan of both fierce women. Tina is an inspirational fashion designer, a powerful business woman and an amazing mother. Bey is the queen but mama Tina is the Grand Dame. And her new husband is a fine brother. I'm happy for the whole incredible Knowles - Carter - Lawson clan.

  • No, fans do not care

    Fans do not care that Beyonce's Mom is marrying Richard Lawson. Many fans probably do not even know who Beyonce's mom is, much less who Richard Lawson is. This is an example of a pointless headline that should not be considered news, especially considering the importance of so many events happening around the world.

  • No one cares!

    To be honest, I don't think anyone really cares about anything Beyonce's mom does. Perhaps when Beyonce was younger and under the management of her parents, their actions and their influences on her were a much bigger deal for fans. But now that the woman is grown and has a family of her own, I think it's pretty irrelevant what her parents do!

  • Nope, Beyonce's fans could care less who her mother marries.

    The fact that Tina Knowles and actor Richard Lawson were married last Sunday is of zero interest to any of Beyonce's fans. The only interest her fans had in the wedding is what Beyonce, Jay Z and Ivy Blue wore to the affair, since it was billed as an "all white wedding."

  • Fans Don't Care

    While fans may have been more interested when Beyonce was a young star, the interest in her private life now only extends to her marriage and child. There has been little mention of Tina Knowles in the press in the past several years, which I believe has to do with the public's perception of Beyonce as an adult woman, not a child star.

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