Biblical inerrancy: Is the Bible a completely accurate source and the inspired word of God?

  • Yes, it is proven over time.

    Yes, the Bible is a completely accurate source and inspired Word of God, because it is perfect. The Bible was written over thousands of years. It has many different authors. Even so, there are no mistakes in it. The Bible is accurate historically, and geological evidence always backs up what is written in the Bible, even military defense tactics. It is the true Word of God.

  • No way. In spite of the fact that the Bible is an entertaining collection of tales, they are just that: an assortment of fictitious stories.

    Not to mention, the fact that there are scads of human beings out there that believe we should adhere to every single word the Bible states and to take every iota of the entire book incredibly seriously and to utilize it as a roadmap for our lives is utterly ludicrous and laughable. It is profoundly illogical and not pragmatic whatsoever. Also, let's be frank here, the Bible contains a great deal of violence among a vast amount of other very unsettling and disturbing situations and images so why would we want to dredge all of this up and incorporate it into our life? To say the very least, the Bible is just incredibly archaic and obsolete and nonsensical. It's pure insanity. So to peruse the Bible for the sake of entertainment, that's all fine and dandy but to take it seriously and allow yourself to believe that the Bible articulates the manner you ought to live your life, especially in our modern age is nuts. The Bible is NOT a manual for how you need to live. That is just bonkers! The Bible is just teeming with completely bizarre and demented remarks that become infinitely more bizarre and demented with the passage of time. People who believe the Bible is accurate and we must follow everything that is stated in it are preposterous fools who have a very tenuous grasp on reality. Granted, the Bible truly is well-written and highly creative fiction. But would we take Harry Potter seriously and believe it to be true and accurate? No way in hell. The same goes for the Bible.
    Also, it is wildly evident that the stories that make up the Bible are incredibly hyperbolic and are not meant to be taken literally. Did the authors intend for their crazed and very colorful stories to be a concoction of allegories and metaphors and the like? Probably. They were likely to have been speaking figuratively in each of the tales. You have to take the Bible with a grain of salt and to find your own meaning within it, nothing is set in stone. It is purely subjective. You can interpret the allegorical language however you like but keep in mind it's not your way or the highway. Just like reading a novel in English class, everyone interprets it in their own way. But of course, this is not an excuse to go to extremes and utilize the Bible to perpetuate a hateful agenda. It is very blatant when someone really stretches things and takes it way too far. A wide array of Evangelical Christians among others who take the Bible literally, make it very apparent to sane people of sound mind how profoundly delusional they are and oftentimes, very bigoted. It would just be insanely imbecilic to take the Bible literally and to recreate anything that is mentioned in the Bible. It is just a storybook.

  • It is filled with inaccuracy.

    There is zero proof it was written by God. The Bible is actually one of the most flawed and contradictory books that I have ever read. There are so many inaccuracies in it and things that just plain don't make sense or are silly by today's standards. (Women being unclean on their period, shellfish being unholy, pigskin being unholy, being gay being punishable by death. Advocating stoning your children if they don't mind you, etc.)

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