Biblical Theology is Nonsense: Because it is trying to interpret extreme Intelligence by studying Unintelligent Drivel rrom The Bible??

Asked by: Sagey
  • If there is a God and it is Supremely Intelligent and Omniscient: Then What Is The Purpose Of Using Unintelligent Writings To Understand It??

    I started studying Christian Theology and then decided to read the Bible as I would a novel and was dumbfounded at how idiotic and naive the writers of this piece of junk were about all things in reality. Genesis got everything wrong from the Creation sequence to human knowledge of Life and Death, and it only got worse from then onward.

    So if you really wanted to discover how the most incredible and intelligent mind in the universe functions, studying the dumbest collections of writings currently in existence is certainly not going to help you in any way.

    Perhaps, the only way to understand an Omniscient being is through highly intelligent writings and studies, such as Science.

  • Its Nonsesnse though but your reason sounds funny

    I say Bible is non sense because its Cosmology ie timeline is flawed beyond measure. Start from Adam Eve and noah's Ark its all flawed. Those activities might've happened but the year mentioned in the Bible is wrong.
    P.S.: Bible is not extreme intelligence its just the basic intelligence. More coherent source is Hindu scripture Vedanta Sutra. Its theories are much interesting and accurate than Bible do check out sometime

  • Biblical Theology, the whole of theology, is absolute drivel.

    Biblical theology has got nothing to do with the study of the history of the time period in question (circa 3rd millennium B.C.E. To 1st century C.E.) through the collection of texts called the Bible. Neither is it the attempt to find what in these texts is historically accurate or not, that is what Biblical criticism is about. Theology itself is simply a mad attempt to find new metaphorical interpretations of texts that where not meant to be metaphorical, in order to maintain Christianity as a relevant force in modern times. Tremendous energy and effort is expended on the fruitless task of trying to salvage something meaningful, and relevant, from this highly inaccurate (scientifically and historically), incoherent, poorly written and poorly compiled set of books.

    It is nevertheless wonderful and amusing to see the pirouettes that theologians are pushed to perform, in order to conjure up a modern and humane Christianity. All this modern talk of the humanist ethics of the Bible is piffle, the Bible was used to justify torture, slavery, rape, the enslavement of women, the subjugation of the poor, and the mistreatment of children, it is only in modern times that Christians have decided to abandon all the horrific teachings found in the bible, all the unjust and merciless pronouncements in order to create a picture of a kind and gentle God with an all good son called Jesus.

    Finally, to compare scientific theories with belief is inane. Scientific theories are corroborated by evidence and the scientific community is willing to discard them in the face of contradictory evidence, Faith is about making decisions about things which we cannot possibly know. Sure, we do not know what occurred at the moment of the Big Bang, we do not know what happened "before" the Big Bang, but there are no scientists making dogmatic assertions about those things.

  • The Bible is also a great source of historic literature

    Biblical Theology is not only based on learning about the bibles interpretation of a deity but Theology is also about understanding the religion itself. Learning about one's religion can include history and literature as people saw it when they wrote down those words.

    Not only Biblical Theology but Theology in general inspires us all the time, why do you think there's so many movies based on Greek mythology and it's mythological creatures. Same goes for stories based in the middle ages, all of this comes from the study of Theology.

    So, when you tell us "Biblical Theology is Nonsense" I expect a good argument and not a BS representation of what Biblical Theology is. Seems like you also misspelled the question, shows how much you care for the truth.

  • Not a very logical argument, imho

    Just so I understand this, you discount Biblical Theology on the basis of adhering to a Scientific belief (Cosmology) which requires just as much faith? No human knows for sure how the universe began, and no amount of empirical observance will lend objectivity to any belief system. You take it on faith that the big bang created the universe, but that belief makes some fundamental assumptions which are themselves suspect (i.E. The existence of "space-time," the non-existence of "time" prior to the Big Bang, etc.). I'm not sure you can call it unintelligent drivel, when your side makes many assumptions of its own. Unless you can objectively and directly observe the entire evolution process of the entire universe, all you have is speculation, and no amount of empirical observations will lend you a causal story. Who's the less intelligent person, the one who blindly believes in their objectivity and utilizes Occam's Broom to make their belief easier, or the one who acknowledges that his beliefs are based around Faith, and makes no claims otherwise?

  • The Old Testament is meant to be taken metaphorically, and scientifically the Bible cannot be called nonsense.

    It's been acknowledged by historians that many theists during the time of Christ and precursor to that understood the Old Testament as an assortment of metaphorical stories. They used it as reason as to why killing, rape, etc...Were wrong. The new testament is where people, myself included, believe in the spiritual. When looking at Schrodinger's Cat you cannot justify one's beliefs as wrong or right until solidified evidence is ensured. Therefore Christians are both 100% right and wrong as are Atheists in terms of science and quantum physics. Atheists cannot deem religious people idiots as claiming they are results in a hypocritical paradox that renders themselves the same moniker. Just as the Atheist will satire, "I do not know, therefore...God," the same atmosphere is created if a Christian satires, "I do no know...Therefore nothing." Intelligent Christians do not use Occam's Broom, but I do see Atheists use it. They cannot explain as to how an infinitesimally small universe appeared from nowhere, also another paradox occurs when considering that being infinitesimally small, it would be impossible to expand as the particles would be going inward constantly at an un-linear rate.

  • The bible is simple

    God must not be talking to you! Or maybe you just do not understand the voice of God?
    Jeremiah 4:22
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    22 [Their chastisement will continue until it has accomplished its purpose] for My people are stupid, says the Lord [replying to Jeremiah]; they do not know and understand Me. They are thickheaded children, and they have no understanding. They are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge [and know not how].

  • Who in their right mind thinks the Bible is a Physics Manual?

    The point of the Bible is not intended to be an instruction manual on supreme intelligence. Its the history of the Jewish people, their trials and tribulations, and the lessons in ethics and consequences that they have shared with posterity. The New Testament is a refine meant of that ethic. It is first and foremost about that ethical point of view, about seeking wisdom and contextual understanding, and then on a relationship with a God. I am continually amazed and the level of sheer ignorance most atheists have about the Bible and religion in general.

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Sagey says2014-03-30T07:31:07.497
Many think this is just about attacking those who believe in God, when it is not, personal belief is absolutely fine, but Theologians are those that think themselves special because they study the Mind Of God by examining scripture, which has been proven by common knowledge to be nonsense, thus making their Theology nonsense. Yet Theologians ignore this and still consider Biblical Theology as a worthwhile study and exaltation for those who achieve a Doctorate in Theology Th.D. When truly a Doctorate in Theology is essentially a Doctorate in Nonsense. Non.D. It is as worthless as a Doctorate in Spidermanology. Actually a doctorate in the study of the Mind of Spiderman might be more useful.