Bicycles should be able to ride on the sidewalks.

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  • A Nonsensical Law!

    It's just a greater risk for serious accidents and bike lanes slow down traffic and cause headaches, construction money .
    End of Opinion.

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  • Yeet oof lasagna

    So I think that it should be allowed because my dog nearly got killed by this car once and it turned out that a bicycle was helping it to not get killed! Yeet and lasagna was offered to my dog and the cyclist and oof nearly occurred to my dog a s it nearly died I am writing for literally no purpose what is my life. . . . . .

  • It Should Be Mandatory If There's A Sidewalk Around.

    Riding On A Sidewalk Is Safer. Cyclists That Ride On The Road Purposely Slow Down (Impede) Traffic. If A Car Hits You On A Bike You'll Either Be Seriously Injured Or Dead. If Another Cyclist Hits You The Worst You'll Have Is A Sore Body Part. Not All Cyclists Follow Traffic Laws Like They're Suppose To. Also When I'm Driving Or Riding My Bike I Hate Cyclists Riding On The Road.

  • Cars are for roads not bikes

    I am surprised that it is against the law to ride the bike on the sidewalk the road is much more dangerous than the sidewalk. Many Intersections and other areas were you have to cross the road on the sidewalk the people driving the cars are not paying attention and are passing. They all pass you. If you pass without the car stopping the driver will beep you and yell at you. Its even worse on a bike lane. So road or sidewalk the cars will pay no attention to you and if you do cross they go insane and yell at you. At least on the sidewalks there is less of a chance for a are to hit you. Unlike a bike lane where cars don't no exactly where is the line between the bike lane and the road. Cars could easily hit you if you if there drivers are not paying attention if you are on a bike lane. For kids its even worse. People pay less attention when kids are crossing the street or one side of the bike lane. Unlike Grown-ups. Even though bikers can hit pedestrians and hurt them. Cars would hurt people even more.

  • It's not safe.

    Bikes have a cruising speed much higher than pedestrians walk. On sidewalks, pedestrians normally don't go single file so a cyclist would have to weave through the much slower pedestrians. If a cyclist is going around a pedestrian when they (the pedestrian) changes directions, the result is both the pedestrian and cyclist get injured in the collision.
    On streets, were sidewalks are present, the speed limit is usually much lower so the average speed of the bicycle is not that different than a car. I know from past experience, I had no issue keeping up with traffic in towns and in cities, were traffic is heavy, a bike can often move faster than traffic allows. I have found that in many towns, I can legally go faster than normal traffic. By walking it through the crosswalk. This way I can get through an intersection before the car traffic. If the light goes green before I get across, I can simply jump back on and still be ahead of traffic. The heavier the traffic or more traffic lights, the faster I move compared to the car traffic.

  • Change the name

    If bikes are allowed on sideWALKs, Then you should change the name to something else. I don't mind when a bike is coming up on me on the sideWALK unless the bike rider intimidates me off by driving right toward me. It's very rude. All they have to do is drive around me.

  • More Bycicle Lanes

    On the road is too dangerous for bicycles,
    On the sidewalk is too dangerous for podestrians.
    Governments should just invest more in bicycle lanes. They do not slow down traffic when built right. Take my nation, the Netherlands, for example. Everyone is able to bike there without slowing down traffic alot.

  • NOO MOre Bikes

    No one has bikes anymore except hipsters. Btw everyone in my neighborhood has no limbs, so bikes offend us. Also bikes are just stupid and lame and are only for people who are fat and need to loose a few pounds, So yeah no ON BIKES ON SIDEWALKS. OK bye

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MaxCroc says2020-02-20T15:46:59.857
I've read an article about riding ebike on sidewalks: https://10ebikes. Com/how-to-ride-an-electric-bike/ and it says that it's illegal. I think, It was made for a reasons. Plus, As it was said, It's not safe.

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