Biden to Davos: Top 1% 'not carrying their weight': Should the richest people in American pay more taxes?

  • Man's mission is not to die with the most money

    If you have made a great deal of money, more than enough to comfortably live on, more than enough to ensure you children have every opportunity, why would you not want to better the conditions of someone less fortunate than you? Spend 12 hours living in poverty and your heart, hopefully, will open up, along with your wallet.

  • Yes, the richest in America should pay more taxes, but not in excess.

    Those who possess the greatest wealth in America should contribute more in taxes, as many of these millionaires and billionaires have plenty of monetary reserves to ensure their future well-being. By contrast, the majority of Americans struggle to make it paycheck to paycheck, and the United State's tax system places a difficult burden on many of these low and middle class families. That being said, the rich should not have an excessive tax burden, as it is just for those who have worked their way to wealth to have reasonable enjoyment of the fruits of their labor. Keeping a limit on their taxes also enables them to use their wealth to contribute to projects of humanitarian, cultural and economic value.

  • Absolutely, the rich should opay more taxes.

    It has been a fact for a very long time that the rich do not pay their fair share in taxes. This needs to change and the sooner the better. The middle and low income citizens of this country pay the most in taxes, and it is unfathomable to place all the burden on them.

  • The richest people in American should not pay more taxes

    Joe Biden is on crack. The richest people in American should not pay more taxes because, according to IRS tax statistics, the rich already carry the overwhelming burden relative to taxes. The bottom 50% pay no federal income tax. That is where the inherent unfairness lies. Half the population are moochers who get a free ride at the expense of the top 1%. The rich should be revered, not reviled.

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