Big Bang theory actually created by a Catholic Priest: Does this change your view on the universe was formed?

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  • No, this doesn't change my view on the universe's birth.

    My view of the universe doesn't rely on a deity. Whether a god set it in motion or not, I think the end result is random. I believe that if God exists, he wants to see what happens as much as any of us; he set it in motion with a Godly "Hey, I wonder what'll happen?" and is, like all of us, fascinated with the results. So, no; a priest theorizing the Big Bang only adds to my thoughts on the matter, it doesn't alter them.

  • Big Bang theory, created by a Catholic priest, does not change my view on the universe was formed

    The Big Bang theory, although created by a Catholic priest, does not change my view on the universe was formed. While I think a scientific explanation is the reason we are all here, I still thinks something beyond science started the big bang. That is something science has yet to be able to explain.

  • No, it does not alter my opinion.

    Knowing that the Big Bang theory was created by a Catholic priest does not alter my opinion at all. What does it matter who the creator of the theory was? If there is sufficient evidence to prove the theory plausible the background of the creator should be irrelevant. The focus should be on the theory.

  • I still believe that the Bing Bang theory is viable

    The priesthood has a long tradition of persevering knowledge and education. For a long period in history, monks and priests were some of the only people who were actually literate. It makes sense that a priest would have the education and reasoning abilities to put forward a new theory about the universe. I don't see the Big Bang theory as contradictory to Christianity. If God created the universe, and the universe follows certain scientific laws, why couldn't God have used those laws to create it?

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