• Big Brother much better

    Big Brother is a social strategy game for a huge prize (1/2 a million dollars). The Bachelor is really just a live soap opera. Of the 18 seasons only 10 "winners" actually got proposed to and of those 10 only 1 "winner" (season 17) is actually married to the bachelor of the season. The Bachelor is a joke. Big Brother is a real live game for real money.

  • The Bachelor gets me every time.

    I know that no one on the Bachelor ever stays together, but I can't help but watch it. Watching Vienna and Jake have that terrible fight on national television was just hilarious for all of us. They both just wanted to be stars. We all know that you only go on the Bachelor if you want to be famous. It's the show I love to hate. I can't get into Big Brother like that.

  • Big Brother is not a better show than the Bachelor

    Big Brother is not a better show than the Bachelor. In fact, neither show is better than the other since both exploit individuals and incite drama to make it more exciting entertainment to viewers of reality television. Both shows are edited and exaggerated to make it more interesting to the viewers anyway and the participants are going along for the attention and the hopes of fame.

  • They Are All Just as Bad

    All reality TV is the lowest form of entertainment, and gets in the way of actual entertaining television. While Big Brother's less forced and isn't quite as staged, making is slightly more tolerable than The Bachelor, I'd rather just turn off the TV than make an actual choice to watch either.

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