Big government: Is big government good for the individual?

  • Yes, Big government is good for the individual.

    The average individual has absolutely no idea what is going on in the world. This leads to a lot of useless political opinions. The actuality is that without big government anything that was not profitable would not exist. There would be no public roads or parks. There would be no police, just private security guards that will mow you down. Big government is better for the common man.

  • Small government is better for the individual

    Big government will become all powerful and all controlling and will believe that they're entitled to your money and can make whatever law they see fit to control the people within their government. A small government believes in limited control and provide people only what is outlined in the constitution.

  • No, it degrades the individual.

    No, big government is not good for the individual, because an individual living in big government is constantly told that they cannot do anything for themselves. A person living in small government is respected. They are told that they are capable. Big government takes choice away from people, and along with it, accountability.

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