Big government: Is big, liberal government better than small, conservative government?

  • Learn your History

    Please. If all the US had was a small government then we would be screws. If you look throughout history, you will see why. In the 1800's we had a very small government and there was no control, and people got away with anything. In the early 1900's we had big government and the country got fixed. Then the 1920's hit, small government led to the Great depression. With FDR, we had a big government which helped the country and its people. With Eisenhower, we had a small government, which led to a recession. With Clinton, bigger government we got a surplus. Them little Bush ruined it with a small government, now look at our country. Also no conservative ideas have ever survived. Slavery, Women's rights, civil rights, and gay rights.

  • Small government is unspecific.

    Will anyone really argue that there are some areas where we need more government and some that we don't.
    Look at your clothes, pretty much no one except hardcore communists want the government making your clothes, because then you don't get to choose the clothes you wear.
    Another example cars, look at the old Soviet Union, when it was under communism the government made all the cars, the problem was the only car manufacturer was the government so there was no competition and everyone had to deal with the same garbage cars.
    But look at education, how many people will really argue that the federal government should not handle public education. Think if public education was done by the state, New Jersey would be doing quantum mechanics in 5th grade and kids in Mississippi would be doing algebraic concepts in 12th grade.

    Its a tricky question either way.

  • Look to the founders...

    The brilliant men who penned the Constitution and designed the best system of government envisioned "a wise and frugal government." A small government works for the people, protecting them at home and abroad, allowing them to be free to pursue their own success. A government is supposed to ensure freedom, not limit it. The way the Constitution has been misinterpreted is a travesty... It was designed to limit the power of government and keep it in the hands of the people, because the founders were well aware of human nature, which is self-interest. If the federal government had stayed small, as it was supposed to, we would all be MUCH better off today.

  • Big Government Is Not Better Than Small Government

    Big government is not better than small government. It is also unfair to assumed that big government coincides with those that have a liberal mindset or that small government coincides with those that have a conservative mindset. There are liberals that believe in small government and conservative who believe in big government.

  • Small, conservative government is better than a big liberal government

    Big is not always better especially when it comes to the government. The reason being is because dealing with a big government means you have too many people putting in a opinion and it can effect the way the country is ran. Also a small conservative government can get more in depth with situations and make sure that it is handled correctly.

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