Big government: Is European-style big government a good model?

  • Without government help and regulation the country would go awry.

    The country needs big government to keep it on the right path. We cannot expect people to just do the right thing all of the time. Without the government regulating big and powerful companies, the amount of poor people would grow from the big companies laying them off and finding ways to cut corners and make more money. If those poor people stopped getting the help they are currently receiving or should be receiving from the government, then they would turn to crimes, such as stealing, in order to survive.

  • Socialism has never worked

    Governments continue to prove that they will abuse any power given to them. People are not puppets, or drones. We deserve to live in a free society and capitalism has been the only successfully proven system. Even in the 1900's when companies were considered the least regulated, bad working conditions opened the door for companies like Ford to attract the best people in order to receive higher pay and better hours. That is what capitalism does. A tyrannical and controlling Govn't only raises pricing, hurts small businesses, sends jobs overseas, etc. You can't control everything. Let capitalism work

  • Too Much Socialism, Infighting

    The European style of big government is too burdensome on the average citizen. Governments control too much of everyday life in Europe and the bureaucracy is too bloated to get anything done. Regional ties and local bickering starts when the European Parliament tries to pass things that go against what certain parts of the continent want. The big government model is good for a common defense, but as an economic engine the hegemony has failed utterly thus far.

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