• Yes, big league basketball has become too focused on winning.

    Yes, professional basketball has become too focused on winning. A winning team gets more people interested in attending their home games, and so this generates increased revenue in ticket sales, food/drinks consumed, and team merchandise sold. Also, a winning team increases media coverage which in turn increases a team's revenue.

  • To my Knowledge they always have.

    I don't care what the sporting event is, it seems like if you don't come out on top of the game then you are a loser. This is something that has always made me mad when it comes to the Olympic games, there are three medals given out during this event, but you wouldn't know it to listen to those covering the event, unless someone wins the Gold medal they are more or less losers. Yet winning a medal any medal at these games isn't easy. So, if the big league basketball is becoming so focused on winning, its no surprise to me since it seems that everyone is focused on winning in sporting events.

  • The point of playing the games is to declare a winner

    The whole point of sports is to declare a team or person a champion. Coaches are supposed to have a goal of success and so are players. This is especially needed in the professional leagues where teams play athletes money. Since they are paid, they are supposed to do their best to generates wins for the team or club.

  • Like It or Not, Sports Are About Winning or Losing

    The biggest high for a sports fan is seeing their favorite team win a big game. For those in individual sports, there is no other motivation such as team comradery to play for other than to be the best. Being the best means one has to win. Imagine a Superbowl or the World Series without having a winner and loser. It is similar to reading an exciting novel with no climax: disappointing.

  • Winning is part of Big league sports

    With the NBA playoffs in full-swing, many teams are going to be doing whatever it takes to win the championship. Many critics have argued that big league sports have become too focused on winning, but that's just part of the sports. For years, teams have competed in tournaments for a chance at scoring the big prize of a championship. The excitement of the playoffs has brought in legions of fans who want to see what team is going to take home the prize. Winning a championship is a milestone for a team and their names will go down in the history books. There are some teams who are too focused on winning, but that's part of the sport, you want to do your best and try to win a championship.

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