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  • A Digital Bill of Rights Is Necessary

    The courts have held that the 1st Amendment forbids the government from censoring Americans, However, Private companies are legally entitled to police speech. In the digital age, Where public discourse relies so heavily on a privately-owned few websites and apps, The need for legislative reform mandating freedom of conscience online is apparent.
    In said Digital Bill of Rights, Provisions should also ensure that all stored personal data is inaccessible without a warrant, Pursuant to the 4th Amendment. Rules on foreign ownership should also be instituted. Of particular concern are apps like TikTok, Operated by ByteDance, A Chinese-owned tech firm accused of developing military and surveillance technology. All US technology companies should cap foreign investment capital at no more than 25%, To ensure that foreign adversaries cannot unduly influence domestic affairs.

  • Freedom of speech is of the utmost importance

    Freedom of speech is essential to a functioning society. The Big Tech platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Etc should be seen as a utility of communication for all citizens to have their voice heard. Unfortunately these big tech companies are run by liberal elite billionaires, With their hand in the pocket of the MSM media and liberal super PACs. As being liberals they hate those who have opposing opinions from the liberal narrative, And believe that we must be silenced for not towing the line. There needs to be a major crackdown on this sort of censorship, If liberal billionaires are allowed to have control over communication and gatekeeps who can and cannot have a voice, Then our Constitutional Freedoms are in grave danger and the very foundations of America are under threat.

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