Big Tobacco: Will the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco ruling affect how you invest?

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  • The tobacco ruling does not affect my investment decisions.

    I trade stocks and invest from time to time and I also research the companies that are being traded. Just because a company has a high profit margin does not necessarily mean that I want to invest in their company. As a rule, I invest in companies that I want to support and in that decision I do not support tobacco stocks because I don't believe in their product.

  • No, I don't believe it will.

    I think most people, myself included, have gotten out of tobacco in recent years. Everyone knows that this is a dying business, between declining smoking rates, tax hikes, and now lawsuits this should not be a string hold in any one's portfolio. Some stores like CVS have even vowed to stop selling all tabacco products in the future.

  • No will not effect me

    The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco ruling will not affect how I invest. I do not see how the judgement will affect me in any of my current investments, and I don't plan on worrying about it in the future. For the most part I go off suggestions from my financial adviser.

  • Tobacco Never Wins

    This will not affect how I invest at all. My money is safely invested elsewhere and will probably stay there for quite some time. I assume many people will be ruffled by the ruling in his case, due to the large corporate and consumer involvement with this case and investments,

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