Biggest Loser Glory Days: Do these athletes really need more attention?

  • No, but the show will go off of the air if the public agrees with me.

    Theoretically, television networks research potential show ideas before drafting scripts and putting them on the air. With that being said, each season, there are plenty of shows that are canceled within just a few episodes. If the public feels that the athletes on this show do not deserve more attention, the show's ratings will reflect this and the network will inevitably cancel it.

  • No, let's celebrate our nation's true heroes instead.

    No, our country's obsession with professional athletes borders on the pathological. While millions of dollars go to building new sports stadiums, and paying the athletes' absurd salaries, our teachers and military are neglected. Athletes may be skilled but enough is enough. Let's support the heroes who educate our children and protect our communities instead.

  • Hard To Let Go

    Anyone who has spent time in the spotlight says the hardest thing to do is let go of it when the spotlight ends. All of these athletes, some who have put on a significant amount of weight, clearly had difficulties with the transfer to 'regular' life. Any help they can get, even if it is a cry for attention, should beneficial to them.

  • Biggest Loser Over and Done With

    The contestants on Biggest Loser: Glory Days are nothing near athletes, and the trainers for the show are often has-beens themselves. Therefore, these individuals don't need more attention. It has been proven that Biggest Loser inflates weight loss figures and sometimes even lies about them in order to frame the show the way they'd like.

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