• Bigotry is good

    Bigotry (intolerance) against bad things is GOOD. Only people who are trying to force bad things on society worry about it. Such as antifa doing terror attacks, Such as hating trump for being trump, Such as CNN don lemon being racist towards white people, Such as hating every right winger, Alt right, Center right. Labeling all trump supporters as nazis just for being trump supporters. Therefore bigotry against the lgbt community is good

  • Okay I made the yes statement

    Okay if anyone can’t understand my sarcasm first off I think bigotry is bad towards anyone and it seems that we’re selective about what type of bigotry is good and bad and you can’t have it both ways anymore. So if you’re saying bigotry is bad, Then everything I just mentioned above is bad, If you say everything above is good, Then bigotry against homophobia is good. Can’t have this both ways anymore and I’m saying no it’s not good

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