Bilateral vs. multilateral aid: Are multilateral aid agencies bad (yes) or good (no)?

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  • No, they help people.

    No, multilateral aid agencies are good, because they allow the countries of the world that can afford it to work together to help the poorer countries. Aid organizations that want to help others are a good positive thing. It is especially nice when nations of the world want to get together and help those less fortunate.

  • Multilateral aid is the better use of the aid money.

    Multilateral aid is money given to organizations instead of the actual government. If a country were to give the money to the government, the giving country would have no idea how the aid would be spent and how it would help the people or situation that the aid was intended. The government more than likely would use the aid money to help their own agenda even if it was to go against the main purpose of the aid. Multilateral aid agencies have distinct agendas and it is easier for the giving country to have an idea how the aid would be used.

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