Bill Clinton: Republicans are 'begging for American to fail.' Do you agree?

  • Extortion without purpose

    Can anybody identify major initiatives proposed by the Republican party in the past couple of years? Do Republicans have any plans for the nation going forward or are they exclusively interested in obstruction of Government as now configured? What's the point of opposing any plan, healthcare for example, without first offering a rational alternative? As far as I can tell, Republicans are afraid to attach their name to any new ideas.

  • Yes, In Part ...

    I believe the Tea Party is actually working toward America's failure. That explains their attempt at a default, in 2011. Many of them are openly against the federal government. They have not pretended to work with this President, or current Senate. Negotiation ISN'T in their vocabulary. They have an agenda & that IS the ONLY thing they are interested in. Thankfully, not all Republicans agree with the Tea Party. Therefore, I can't say that all want this nation to fail. I also can't say that the Tea Party's true concern is spending. George W. Bush spent $$$ like a drunken sailor. Where was the Tea Party? In fact, many of its members today encouraged & condoned Bush's reckless spending. This, as well as many posts by self-professed Tea Party members, causes me to believe the real issue is the fact we have a Black president. It's about keeping a race of people down, even to the point of hurting the country. If Obama's legacy is bad, it will be harder for ANY minority (especially a Black) to run for the office in the future. In the past 5 years, we've seen a growth in hate groups. Many share the same ideas as the Tea Party. This kind of backward thinking also hurts America and causes it to fail, on various social levels. Need I say more? If it looks like a snake and it moves like a snake ... It's a snake!

  • It is absurd and obscene...

    That is right, absurd and obscene. The idea that the Republicans are trying to destroy America is as stupid and it is offensive. For example, the issue of healthcare, America has survived long and well without Obamacare. Conservatives believe that healthcare is a personal responsibility, that a socialist program should not be forced down the throat of every American and that helping your fellow man is perfect, but the government in charge will simply ruin healthcare and create a large, powerful, bureaucracy. How can one form that opinion, I just don't understand. Not when the liberals are fighting to raise the tax burden on Americans, raise the national debt, and increase spending. How can one form that opinion when the GOP was so important for the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 while Al Gore Sr was fighting against it? While crime is dropping, liberals are trying to take the guns out of law abiding citizens hands yet funneling guns to Mexico, Libya, and Syria. Liberal institutions like the EPA and minimum wage are strangling business, particularly small business encouraging them to go overseas or go out of business. Under Obama, gas prices are rising, spending and debt is higher than ever, troops are still overseas, he is targeting laws abiding gun owners and he is going on long vacations on the tax payers dime. FOIA request are being fought harder than ever. Obama has brought such a division between the rich and the poor and the minority's and Caucasians. Look at the situation in liberal areas like California (CA native here), New York, DC, or Detroit. They are awful places to live. They are consistently rated as the least free states in the union, the tax burden is brutal and the crime rates are high.

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