Bill Cosby is seeking a plea deal to avoid a sex assault trial. Should it include jail time?

  • He should go to jail

    Bill Cosby committed sexual assault against a number of women. He can plea to a deal all he wants, but I don't think they should offer him anything short of jail time. How fair would it be to the women he assaulted when they find out he got to walk away from the crimes? He needs to go to jail.

  • He has committed multiple crimes

    I don't blame Cosby for seeking a deal, as the evidence is mounting against him. For this reason though, he shouldn't be able to avoid jail time just because he saved us the time and money of a trial. He is accused of horrific crimes against women and he shouldn't be treated differently than others who commit the same crimes and are in prison.

  • Would prevent the promotion of rape culture.

    There is already a strong culture among men that assault is not a big deal. By allowing celebrities to get off without jail time we are allowing that promotion to continue. It also endorses others to act, with them thinking that the consequences will be tolerable. It shouldn't be so easy to plea your way out of sexual assault.

  • He did terrible things.

    Bill Cosby took advantage of his game. He victimized countless women. He thought that he would never be held accountable because he was so famous and had such a good image. Even though he is old, it is still justice to have Cosby serve some jail time. It is fair to the victims.

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