Bill Haas leads Masters after 68: Will he be able to beat the odds and hold onto his lead?

  • Bill Haas will strike the top.

    Being one of only 4 players to have won in 4 consecutive PGA tours, the odds are Bill has what it takes to cope under pressure and deliver a good finish. He's proven to be able to win competitions when behind and has clinched many a narrow victory from the hands of other players at the last minute. starting in the lead should make this all the easier.

  • Anything can happen

    Bill Hass at 68 is doing something improbable, but maybe that will allow him to keep playing without feeling the pressure that the favorites are under. It would make the sport and the tournament more interesting if a lower-profile player can be successful and keep ahead of the big names.

  • No, he will not win.

    His age does impact his ability to hold onto his lead when the tournament is very lengthy and difficult. He shot a fantastic round and it should be highly respected but I don't think he can string another three great rounds together in order to win the tournament. He has some stiff competition from the other younger players.

  • No, I think Bubba Watson will win

    Something tells me that Bubba Watson is going to win the Masters, not Bill Haas. I think this question is a little outdated, isn't it? I mean, the tournament was over two days ago. Having said that, I question whether it was smart for Bill Haas to fire his brother, who was serving as his caddy. Sounds to me like bad karma caught up with him!

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