• Yes, he is.

    Whether in a theater, on a golf course or simply on his own, Bill Murray always seems to be the real most interesting man in the Hollywood. He doesn't have an agent. He doesn't have a publicist. He doesn't even seem to have a fixed address. Some movie stars will do anything for a paycheck. Others, like George Clooney, have a code of sorts: "One (low-budget indie) for me, one (big-budget blockbuster) for them."
    Bill Murray's code is: I'll do whatever the hell I want.

  • Bill Murry is a one of a kind

    There are two kinds of actor in this world, the kind who push themselves to dissolve into their character, and those who use their own personalities to drive their character. Bill Murray is obviously no Gary Oldman, but he is a charismatic charmer who lights up any scene he is in. To that effect, Bill Murray is indeed a great actor.

  • Bill Murray is a great actor.

    Time has proven that Bill Murray is one of the great actors around today. He has remained active in show business since the early 70's. He is probably more famous now than back in the "Saturday Night Live" days. No doubt his Caddyshack bar should do well. Especially if he plans to be a presence at the bar regularly.

  • He is a comedian.

    Bill Murray is not a great actor. He is just a funny person that happened to end up in the movies himself. Murray would have been better as a writer for comedies rather than an actor. He is supposedly very aggressive and has a history of domestic violence allegations from an ex-partner in his personal life. These things taint his acting career.

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