Bill of rights in the UK: Is the lack of a Bill of Rights a real problem in Britain today?

  • Freedoms Eroded by Laws

    A bill of rights in the United Kingdom is one theoretical lack in the country today. When there have been laws regarding the wearing of hijabs and burqas in public, there needs to be a way to foster civil rights for everyone in a free society. I understand the concerns of security needs, but Britain needs to be proactive regarding equal rights for all its citizens by having some framework such as a bill of rights.

  • Britain Needs the Bill of Rights

    The lack of a Bill of Rights is a problem in Britain today. Although other laws supposedly make up for the lack of the Bill of Rights, it is problematic when human rights violations take place. The Bill of Rights in Britain protected free speech and banned "cruel and unusual punishment." These rights are important to have set in stone via the Bill of Rights if other laws are not making up for them.

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