Bill of rights in the UK: Should the UK have a Bill of Rights?

  • The UK has a bill of rights

    The question whether the UK should have a Bill of Rights is rather silly, being that it already has one. Since 1689, the English have had a Bill of Rights, which was a direct inspiration for the United States Bill of Rights. People need to learn more about their own countries.

  • Yes, the UK needs a Bill of Rights to ensure that the government retains its natural place in society

    The current Bill of Rights in the United Kingdom, which was passed in 1689, is truly necessary in order to ensure that the government does not infringe upon citizens' way of life. It restrains the royal monarch from imposing itself on the people in unnecessary or harmful ways, and it also led to the creation of the constitutional monarchy, which is currently the form of government in the United Kingdom. The British Bill of Rights also allows people to understand their rights and place in the British society--what they can expect from their government. A Bill of Rights is a necessary document to ensure that people and governments act in accordance with their proper rights. The UK, as a functioning democratic country, should definitely have a Bill of Rights.

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