Billboard's top earner is Taylor Swift: Is she truly talent?

  • She is talented

    People need to get their heads out the past, Her vocals back then were not the best but she's improved. She literally has 3 vocal octaves just below Ariana and the same amount as Adele. She also produces her albums and tours, Writes her own music, Direct her music videos, Play 6 instruments, Write novels, Has amazing stage presence. NOBODY SHOULD AND CAN DENY her talent, It's disgusting to see people hate on her because they judge from the past.

  • You cannot say taylor swift is not a poet.

    Just a few lines from her song red make me rethink the definition of an emotion. Her new songs and old songs consist of her own beautiful songwriting abilities. Look past the breakup stereotype and actually listen to her lyrics. Like damn. She makes original metaphors and illusions in her songs that make you feel like you can totally relate to what she is saying.

  • You can not like her subject matter, or her voice, but she has impressive songwriting chops.

    I agree with those who say her voice is not extraordinary. It's not. And it's fine if people don't like her subject matter, or get irritated by an overabundance of songs about breakups. Where I think you CANNOT deny her talent, however, is in her songwriting abilities. Her lyrics manage to be clever, insightful, and accessible without coming off as trite or resorting to cliches (with the exception of Shake it Up, which was a culturally insensitive misstep I'd like to pretend never existed). I tend towards lyrically-complex folk or classic-rock music (big fan of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan), and while TS does not create the style of music I commonly prefer, I think it's pretty clear that she is a gifted songwriter.

  • Defiantly well deserved.

    Taylor is very talented in many aspects. Some might say that she only writes songs about guys, and she does write songs about guys because love is what is going on in her life right now and as any great artist would, she writes her emotions down. However, that is not the only thing she writes about. She has written songs unrelated to romance like Long Live, Innocent, Bad Blood, Twenty Two, The Best Day, Welcome to New York... The list goes on. Additionally, Taylor has a good voice. Not the best, but defiantly good, although lyrics are better than her voice. She wrote the "Speak Now" album all by herself! Also, over the past years, her voice has been getting stronger and better - give her time to improve as she is a very dedicated person! Not only is she dedicated, but she is also caring, genuine, funny, and sweet. She gives away tons of money to others, and she also thanks her fans by staying connected to them more than many celebrities would. Also, don't forget that one time she kept reading a mother's blog about her son fighting cancer, wrote a song about it called Ronan, donated money to fight cancer, and had breakdown after singing it because she is such a good person. Lastly, I can't believe don't like her because she thinks she's too fake or not pretty and hot. She is who she is and let her look the way she looks!
    If you don't like her that's fine, "Haters gonna hate." 😃

  • She is extremely talented.

    She can play guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboard, ukulele and banjo, she has amazing vocals that range from high highs to low lows. She is an amazing performer, she KNOWS how to entertain a crowd, she can act, she is hilerious and she IS, without a doubt, one of the best songwriters to ever put pen to paper.

  • Taylor swift is such a good person and is the best!

    She has given alot to her fans and the homeless and we don't even care so I mean thumbs up for her but I have a list of them! She has even felt sorry for a little girl because she was fighting through cancer and payed for her treatments and the little girl loved Taylor swift!

  • Yes she is

    Taylor is very beautiful no one can deny that. She writes her own songs and her songs are very good and relatable. She can play guitar and plays it very well. She can sing without autotune , though she uses it she doesn't overly do it. She is very talened

  • Taylor is talented.

    Yes, Taylor actually is talented. She's talented because she puts so much meaning into her songs, she doesn't sing about sex, drugs, or partying like so many other artists do. She writes each song based on a real life experience that she's had. She's also trained in playing the guitar. Taylor has potential.

  • Yes, but you may not like her style.

    Taylor Swift has an incredible voice, and she is genuinely musically talented. She is not a manufactured pop star like others, although the fact that she is beautiful does help. The problem with stars like Taylor Swift, is that their is so much gimmicky junk pushed out by the music industry that when someone that fits the mold (like Taylor) comes along they get categorized in that group. This does not mean that they are in that group however.

  • Taylor Swift is Talent

    In my opinion, Taylor Swift is one of the most talented singers and songwriters in the world today. Because she writes her own music, guitar parts, and lyrics, she should be well liked by everyone at least in the country music genre. She is able to create new songs all the time and she should be appreciated for her hard work.

  • Not Really Good

    All she does is write about how her relationships suckled, how she got hurt and hate guys, add in a beat or jingle, put it in a poem. Then BAM her song is made. And her voice wasn't even all that great either. It sounds the same even when she's talking.

  • Not To Me

    I can't believe Taylor Switft is Billboard's top earner. Actually, I can because some of her songs are quite popular. That doesn't mean I care for her work, but obviously there are some people out there who do. Not to mention the fact that Swift has branded herself and associated with many companies for advertising. She's making money, that's for sure.

  • She's NOT a songwriter,mediocre singer and not a guitar player in the true sense of a musician.

    I've been a staff writer when I was young, I learned my craft . Melody ,rhythm and a lyric that touches your hear are the ideals of what music should be about. She " co writes " this garbage with Max Martin and all these other no talents from Scandinavia . They use algorithms to glean what will make a song sell. It's blasphemous! When I hear people comparing her to Lennon and McCartney my blood boils ! As others have said. There are many talented musicians that had to work their way to top. The Beatles lived in poverty ,played their 10,000 hours before they ever made a record. Taylor is all PR, and marketing . She NEVER struggled. I saw an interview with her, she was asked " How many guitars do you own ? " her answer " I have no idea, I own so many " These last two " songs " all over the Internet keep me awake at night. " Look What You Made Me Do" You made me want to throw up. You're conning a very young and impressionable demographic. Shame on you and these clowns you work with. You need what ? Six producers, a team of writers etc. This is about as far from integrity and what music is supposed to mean for people. You've got the looks, the lucra and soon it will be the loss. Nobody will know who you are in five years. All fourteen year olds grow up ...

  • Taylor Swift is SUPPER OVERRATED!!

    Her songs sound like a cute kindergartener. She has no range is so below average. I turn the station the moment she comes on. There are so many more talented people out there. Please come back Michael or Whitney .......Real exciting talent is so missing from music today. That's why sales are down.

  • No talent. Just a clean cut girl with a rich father and an excellent marketing team

    I actually like Taylor Swift as a person and can understand why her messages appeal to young girls and their parents. However she does not have a true artistic talent. Her voice is mediocre, her music is insignificant and boring but she has a good business sense. Who cares if her "catchy" songs will not be remembered by anyone in a couple of years? She has already made tons of money and can retire all her family tomorrow.

  • No, not particularly.

    There are plenty of musicians out here today who sell a lot of records and make a lot of money, but have as much talent as knat and that includes Taylor Swift. She has a so-so voice and her music is very popish; a lot of young girls love her. In my opinion, if it wasn't for the outrage Kanye West incurred while she was giving her acceptance speech, she may not have risen quite so far and so fast.

  • No talent; only pretty

    Seriously, just go to YouTube search box and put in "Taylor Swift can't sing." See what happens. Not only can she not sing at all, but her songs are all garbage. I suspect that it's the majority of the idiot masses and little girls that adore him. But if you're not a little girl, you're not masturbating to her, and you're still a fan, shame on you, you fucking dolt. You're the reason this world is so fucked up! Go kill yourself already!

  • People who are tonedeaf think that todays music industry sells talent

    No, I don't think her voice is beautiful. It is very mediocre. Nothing special. Her music is sterile, bland and dumb. She is nice looking but not in any outstanding way. This is all hype. NO one cares. People want to hear great records..I don't care if people are ugly or nice looking..I want good albums..That industry died forty years ago.

  • Just Not Seeing It

    No, not really. She's very basic. Her lyrics sound as if they were written by various 13 year old girls, her "singing voice" is very limited (on record and live), and she the lacks the energy to work a stage. She's neither a singer of performer, so the interest in her is quite confusing. I get why she's popular, but she's gotten a pass for being average ever since the 2009 VMAs incident.

    I'm strictly speaking on her talent. I don't know her as a person, but I'm sure she's a nice girl. As a singer and performer, it just doesn't work at all.

  • There is a reason she had to go to youtube to get famous.

    She failed in the talent department when she started so she started making youtube videos. Ignorant people see a pretty face doing minimal talent and give it five times the approbation it deserves without realizing it. People fell in love with her. Those peoples friends all started liking her because people tend to lean more towards liking things their friends like. Which made MORE people fall in one with her. People assume she's soooo good. When she started she was bad. Now she has gotten better. By no means does she deserve to be where she is now.

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