Billie Holiday died with $750 taped to her leg and 70 cents in her bank account: Was this due to her lifetime of misfortune?

  • It seems so

    Billie Holiday also suffered from addiction, so that certainly played a role in her death. In many ways, her life was defined by suffering, and she certainly experienced more than her share. There is some suggestion that not only was she raised in brothel, but that at one point was working in one. However, using her voice to tell her story and share her pain made her more than a victim, and more than what she suffered.

  • Yes, not everyone is good at making money.

    Yes, Billie Holiday died with very little money because of challenges throughout her life. Some people are extremely talented and can have wonderful lives and rewarding careers but still end up with very little money. Holiday is such a person. She was talented and successful, but her managers weren't necessarily the best when it came to watching out for her financial interests.

  • Billie Holiday suffered many abuses in her short life

    The iconic jazz singer is probably best known for the song "Strange Fruit" about lynchings. She died in 1959 at the age of 44, shortly after being arrested on drug charges and chained to what would be her death bed. Heroin addiction and abusive people in her life left her broke when she died other than the $750 on her person and .70 in her bank account.

  • No, it is was not.

    It was due to a lifetime of fighting against systemic sexism and racism. She was not given the opportunities that other people with her talent and fame were given. She was not always recognized for her contributions to music, and she was generally paid much less than her white and male peers.

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