Bills safety Keion Carpenter dies at age 39. Has 2016 been a terrible year for celebrity deaths?

  • 2016 celebrity deaths make for a bad year

    As sad as it is that even one person has died during the 2016 year, and that even if it was just losing Keion Carpenter in such an untimely period, this year proves to be one that pays tribute to many famous people in the world. Right up to the end of the year, far too many losses have been noted.

  • Yes, 2016 saw the deaths of a lot of great public figures

    Many important and inspiring celebrities and public figures passed away in 2016. David Bowie, who was a pop and rock music icon, passed away in January 2016. Alan Rickman, an accomplished actor well known for his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter Series, also died in January 2016. Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Nancy Reagan, and Arnold Palmer all also passed away.

  • Yes, it seems many fan favorites have passed this year.

    Not to belittle the deaths of less famous celebrities, but it seems like many unexpected deaths of beloved celebrities have occurred this year. Whether its a love for the musicians Prince or David Bowie, or for actor Alan Rickman or Robin Williams, household names have been found increasingly more in tragic news stories. Or maybe it just feels as if more celebrities are dying, because the world is holding on to a dwindling generation of a last few that remain from an era where people were only true innovators were called legends.

  • Please 2017, be forgiving!

    2016 has been a non stop torrent of celebrity and high profile deaths. There doesn't seem to have been a day gone by when people haven't had to flock to facebook to post their respects and tributes to those who have passed. At this point, I think we're all just waiting for a better 2017.

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