Bimba Bose Dead: Spanish Singer Loses Cancer Battle At 41 & Fans Are Devastated: Do you think he is replaceable?

  • Bimba Bose is replaceable

    I do not know who Bimba Bose is; nevertheless, it is fair to say that he is replaceable. We are all replaceable. There is no person alive, to be alive or that has already died that is irreplaceable. Humans tend to think to highly of themselves and their connections to others; however, as with all things time will heal the wound.

  • Yes all people are replaceable

    Though it is unfortunate and sad for his family and fans, all people are replaceable. People have lived and died for eons and the world's population continues to grow. Elvis died and now we have Springstein. Johnny Carson died and now Jimmy Fallon hosts the Tonight Show. The point is that no person is irreplaceable.

  • No, Bimba Bose is not replaceable.

    Bimba Bose is a legend of Spanish music, with a groundbreaking musical career that spans a couple of decades. When icons such as this pass away, culture may always move on and find another star to shift their attention to, but the legacy of those who pass on is permanent.

  • We are all irreplaceable.

    Bimba Rose had an incredible legacy and a large following of fans. There is no way that any human being is replaceable. Each person that lives brings something to the world. They have a spark and their own spirit, and Rose certainly had these things to. They cannot replace a human being.

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