Biodiversity and Endangered Species: Do humans have the responsibility to protect other animals against extinction?

  • We just cant survive with out.

    If we kill all predators too much of the plant eating animals will get born then more and more rodents will get born witch they eat all of the plants witch is the food for the animals then they all die too and now there is no more food for and then we all die. So it is not that we are dumb but you, you little stupies

  • We are the reason they are dying in the first place

    Humans definitely have a huge responsiblity to protect biodiversity because human impacts from development, deforestation, pollution and climate change are what is responsible for destroying the homes and habitat of wildlife around the world which has ultimately led to the decline of the Earth's biodiversity. It is only right for us to help the animals

  • It's our fault

    I think that it's our fault that animals are endangered in the first place. When we destroy forests to build towns/buildings we destroy animals' homes. I think that the people that say no are ignorant and self centered and need to find something else to do except sit around and pick fights that they can't win.

  • Greenspire The Protector

    We at Greenspire are here to protect the world we know. It is our need to protect the USA, and all around the world as we know it. Many places don't need buildings, or other things in the future, so please protect the animals here at Michigan and all of NorthEast.

    May the future be bright,
    The Greenspire Students

  • Because animals are cute

    Youre stupid and you deserve to die p.S. Your mom is ugly and so are you. I wouldnt save her if i saw her burning alive in a forest fire. So please do the world a favor and go drop dead. SAVE DA FOREST ANIMALS PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSEEE I LOVE DEM A LOT

  • Humans incur the responsibility to prevent extinction because of the effect they have on animals through deforestation, pollution and other harmful actions.

    Over the course of the Earth's lifetime animals have gone extinct. Recently though, human actions have seemed to cause or speed up this process for some animals. Poachers, deforestation, and pollution are just a few of the things we do as humans that hurt animals and contribute to their extinction. If we are cause, then we are responsible to help where we can.

  • Mainly yes, but it depends

    for the most part I would say it is our responsibility to ensure the survival of a species, but if their endangerment was not a result of mankind and the species will have no ecological effects then we are left to assume that is evolution at it's prime. Basically if we kill it we have to save it

  • Not in my case

    Why waste time to protect them, if even us, find it hard to protect ourselves? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You Stupido!

  • Because i said so

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