Biofuel: Does the production of biofuels use reasonable amount of land?

  • Yes, biofuel production is efficient.

    Yes, production of biofuels uses a reasonable amount of land. Any kind of human ingenuity will have some kind of impact on the land, the environment, and the world. Engineers that want to make money for their companies seek new technologies that will help the companies harvest biofuels as efficiently as possible. With safeguards in place, harvesting biofuels uses a reasonable amount of land with a low impact on the environment.

  • Lots of land is required for production

    I think that biofuel is a great alternative energy to petroleum, even though it has its pros and cons. One of the cons is that it require lots of land to produce bio fuel. Bio fuel is produced by rotting bio gradeable materials deep in the ground and to have mass production it requires lots of land.

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