Biographer Discredits Trump's Qualifications: Is Donald Trump Fit to be President of the United States?

  • By the Constitution, he is qualified to be president.

    Anyone who is an American citizen, is a resident of the US, and is over thirty-five years of age is allowed to run and be elected as president of the United State of America. Denying Donald Trump's qualification is simply false, as he meets every one of these prerequisites. -FocusV

  • No, Donald Trump is not fit to be President

    Donald Trump has reached the highest office on his celebrity status and the frustration of the U.S. people. But he does not have government experience and at his age, it is difficult to learn new skills. The best we can hope for, is that those around him will be a rational guide to the right policy decisions.

  • No he isnt'

    Trump has been held to a far lower standard than almost any presidential candidate in history. He's woefully unprepared. He's got a history of being a bigot, a sexist and frankly of cheating the smaller contractors who have done work for him. He has no clue what he's doing, and now that he's starting to realize how much work is involved, he's pretty much invisible.

  • NO, he is not.

    No, he is not. Donald Trump is not fit to be the President of the United States of America. This i simply because i differ with his political strategies. He is also very arrogant and does not listen to the experts, for example the scientist about climate change. He is very unfit.

  • Of Course Not

    Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. He is already whining about things that don't matter, and filling important positions with right wing clowns. It would be great if he would act presidential and prepare to the office with some seriousness, but I don't believe that he will be doing that.

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