• Does the Presidents position, have specific job requirements

    Experience in Politics/Government? = None
    Education in Politics? = None
    Education in International Politics? = None
    Experience or Education in the Armed Forces? = None
    A very Deep Reliance on your cabinet and those he elects = YES
    Mr Trump will not be able to contribute much at all, rather a dependent to this republican administration

  • It's no secret that he's unqualified

    Trump has absolutely no clue how to President, and doesn't have the moral capacity to act as president. His words and actions have shown what kind of man he truly is, and there is no way that a man like that is fit to reign over our great country. He has no business even trying.

  • Yes, i agree.

    Yes, this is very true. I strongly believe that Donald Trump is unqualified for presidency. This is simply because he has no political background or experience. He is only an entrepreneur and will run the nation as a business. Therefore, i support the Biographers doubts. His strategies also prove this.

  • Yes, I agree.

    Donald Trump is manifestly unqualified to be president of the United States. He is a world-class narcissist who believes in his genetic superiority and greatness. Throughout his life, he has been defrauding workers or small business vendors and investors. He also has life-long associations with the American mafia, Russian mobsters, con artists, swindlers, violent felons and a confessed cocaine trafficker. He thinks that he can learn everything you need to know about missiles in 90 minutes.
    All of these things together, especially his fragile and immature psyche, pose a grave threat to the world.

  • Yes, Trump seems unqualified for the presidency

    Yes, Trump seems unqualified for the presidency. He has little to no experience in the areas of foreign affairs, military, education, etc. He claims a great deal of experience in business and economics, but that is no the majority of the job. In addition, he is erratic and unpredictable in his decision making and is often offensive in his language. None of this qualifies him to be president.

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