Biology trumps psychology when it comes to transgender-ism and sex changes.

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  • The Biological factors of gender and sex are more prevalent than psychological factors.

    While there are differences in gender and sex, it is my opinion that biology is greater and a stronger argument than psychological argument. The genetic composition of a person, in my opinion, is a more compelling side than what that individual feels they ought to be. The individual, being entitled to their own ideas and opinions on the matter, has the right to disagree with me, but these are my own ideas. There are seemingly two parts to this argument: a scientific portion, and a social justice portion, both having equal amounts of disagreement. Based on the World Health Organization's analysis, transgender-ism does indeed classify as a mental disorder. Other organizations, such as the American Psychological institution, disagree with this statement, but in my own opinion, WHO's word on the subject has heavier weight than the American Psychological institution does. Given this fact, the idea of social justice for transgender people instead of treatment seems fairly absurd to me.

  • You can't choose what you are

    You may think you are a chick, but that doesn't mean you are one. If you have a penis you're a guy and if you have a vagina you're a girl. You can think whatever you want but you're just wrong. You don't argue with science. Even if you think you're a girl, that doesn't just mean you get to be one because you think you are.

  • Your gender and You

    As cruel as it sounds there are only three genders. There is male this means you have a penis. There is female this means you have a vagina. There is a other this means there is something that is neither a vagina or a penis between your legs wether it be just blank skin or a bloody elephant trunk. Your gender is directly connected to what genitals you have. Now if you feel you have the wrong parts that's all well and good you can feel that way but your gender doesn't actually change until you have a surgery to change it. Much like how if I have brown hair but I want red hair I don't actually have red hair until I get it dyed.

  • I identify myself as a dolphin

    Even though i'm born with human dna, with human organs, human sex organs and human behaviour, i still identify as a dolphin because i feel like it. I feel like a dolphin trapped in a human body. You must all identify me as a dolphin or else its a hate crime, you will be oppressing me and you will hurt my feeeeeeelings.

    Does this make any sense to you? No? Then why should transgenderism? You can feel and identify as whatever you want but it doesn't change the fact about your biological make up and capabilities, and you certainly can't force other people to go against nature's definition of biology and make them refer to you the way you want to be referred just because you feel like it or because you have identity issues. That goes against basic freedom of speech. People please, lets stop this madness.

  • Yes, it does

    Ok, i'm all for being whoever you want, if you feel you are a man but you're a woman or vice versa that's up to you. But this is only what you feel. It does not change the fact that you are a WOMAN or a MAN. Sex is biological.

  • The sex you are born with

    Is the sex that you are. However, the sex you want to identify with is your choice and you can decide if you feel like a female or male that is something that you need to figure out on your own. No matter what you do, your DNA decides the sex you are and nothing can change that.

  • It's gender identity!!!!!!!

    Trans supporters act like from the begging of time gender has always been in the brain, or desided, really? Saying things like, oh you might not be able to change DNA but thats not the point, it's how you feel. When has this ever been the law of the universe? Im not saying I know all the laws, but If I feel like the earth is flat, is it? No, gender is no different. There is no such thing as sex and a gender, they should of been the same from the start, and IDK how someone came along and said, ok, lets make 2 buckets, one is sex, what your made of flesh etc, and the other is completely made up on how you feel!! Forget how the people of the world used to act, its the 20th century lets go crazy, IM A FROG NOW HAHAHA!!! But really...

  • I think it's the other way around

    We do not even fully understand how the brain works so it is completely possible that psychologically you are a women in a man's body, looking at it biological is easy, oh look a penis lol you're not a girl, meanwhile their brain could say something completely different, the brain can significantly change how you operate and who you are

  • Sex is biological, gender is social.

    Yes, they are most often correlated, but they don't need to be. A person has the right to be and act the way they feel most comfortable, as far as their own life is concerned.

    I believe that birth sex should not be important to which roles a person is allowed to fill in society. Some disagree, saying that a person's place in public and in the home should be based on birth sex. That's called sexism. Allowing a person to choose their identity based on their own feelings and decisions undermines the entire idea of sexism, the way any type of discrimination is undermined when people have the opportunity to exit their oppressed group.

  • Transgender people get that a sex change operation won't change their DNA, That's just NOT the point!

    Everyone, including transgender people know that a sex change operation isn't going to change their DNA. They also know that using pronouns for the other gender, changing their names, or changing their hair or clothing isn't going to change their DNA. They KNOW THAT ALREADY!

    And anti-trans people know that they know that already. Gender identity is about how the person feels on the inside, not about DNA or body parts.

    I'll grant the word "gender" was used equivalently to "sex" traditionally. But that's not how transgender people are using the word. Using words in a manner that is untraditional is NOT a mental disorder. At most the argument could be made that a non-traditional semantics is socially irresponsibility since it could create miscommunication. But using "gender" to refer to how a person feels and "sex" to refer to biology is not that complicated.

    Honestly I don't believe government funds should be spent on sex change operations except in cases of severe psychological distress and a demonstrated inability to pay. I also believe that no irreversible operation or hormone therapy should be allowed on minors.

    But other than that transpeople aren't hurting anyone. A few issues I haven't touched on, many people are worried about bathrooms. So why not campaign for bathrooms to switch to having ceiling-to-floor partitions? Then there's no way for peeping Toms of either gender/sex to peek at people using the bathroom. As for lockerrooms, there should be a couple of private changing stalls and private shower stalls and if someone is worried about changing/showering in front of someone else for what ever reason (whether it's because the other person is transgender or not) then they can use that. We can even design the private stalls so that a person need not look into the communal area at all if they are worried about seeing other people in a state of undress.

    Also I'm against any speech laws requiring people to use a person's preferred pronouns, and against any laws requiring employers to fire or discipline an employee who refuses to. If you feel a certain way on the inside and you know it you shouldn't need anyone else's approval. Self-esteem is called self-esteem because it comes from the self. Discrimination in housing and employment should be illegal. If misgendering turns into harassment as in the form of someone following you around loudly saying the wrong pronoun over and over again then that should be illegal (at least when it's workplace harassment), but merely refusing to use the requested pronoun should not.

  • The British Man and The American Man

    It is arguable that biology and psychology are interrelated in this instance- the individual raised as a child is exposed to stimuli that shapes his/her reality by retaining neurons that are used the most, and leaving those least used to die and wither, establishing thinking patterns, heuristic behaviors and intuition; in some ways, biology explains this phenomenon as enhancing the brain's operating efficiency, and this will, of course, likely have an effect on the psychological construct of an individual (the person's principles, beliefs and values applied in meandering through their perceived, limited reality, where they will make choices and take actions). That is to say, alterations to biology can manifest as measurable behavior, influencing their choices and such.

    However, in the case of transgenders and sex changes, while there may be biological implications that push them to make such distinctions and decisions, being able to say, or explicitly identify themselves in other ways: 1) I am a transgender and/or 2) I want a sex change, indicates that a conscious decision has been made, regardless of whether it was decided after 1 year or 10 seconds (length of time does not determine a better decision made, rather it is dependent on individual ability) , or if thorough contemplation preceded such decisions (depth of thought also does not dictate the quality of the decision, only suggests the quality of it), or if the individual will come to regret his/her decision at a later time (remorse will be over the action, not the decision; though many seem confuse these 2).

    A conscious decision requires thought, and at times, deliberation will require much time because of the internal dialogue (however, perceptible this voice is) that is often followed by a decision that individual found relatively difficult to make, and this is something the study of human biology basically ignores submits the human as a piece of meat powered by an internally installed battery, hence all that nonsense about the soul, when really, it is your consciousness "speaking" as you attempt to navigate through choices as a sentient living being.

    Psychology studies this "conversation" you have with yourself, which is the basis of all decisions made, and in instances where biology does not deviate much between regular individuals, perceptions, values and beliefs are found to be staggeringly different- that is because we experience different things, and as such, even though we are not mentally ill and can function perfectly fine as far as comparison to majority is concerned, which is to suggest we are well in the biological sense of things, we are individuals, of our individual beliefs and opinions that risk running counter at times with others, thus we debate.

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