Bird Mites from hell , just desperate for answers

Asked by: dawndawndawndawn
  • You are not crazy,its a nightmare

    This is indeed the worst nightmare, I'm not sure why there is not more help with this issue.My daughter and I plus our dogs have been fighting bird mites going on week 4. With continuous cleaning,spraying,washing every piece of clothing,wash cloth,sox,bedding,blankets,throw,plus all the dogs and ourselves it has been a draining experience meantly and physically. It does not help when pest control,vets,and online say bird mites don't live on humans,they stay with their own kind,nor do they burrow in your skin, not true. I work in a Dr office and have pulled them out and put them under the microscope to look at myself. Love ones have been so supportive in prayers and advice. This is so insane to even try to comprehend. I even got in touch with the local extension for the county. I was able to get a few in a baggie and freeze for 20 min and take them in. They helped by identifying that it was bird mites. But also followed they dont live on humans and will leave if there is not a host,they need bird blood to survive. Well, there are no birds in my home,attic,porch or basement. It was removed in the beginning from our side porch after the bird had left we noticed all the mites ..But these mites have survived going in 4 weeks with no bird blood. They are smaller and almost unseen..Which makes it worse. We have been hopeful that the end is nearing for them but still have seeked advice from dermatologists for elimite cream and some pills as well. We have done 2 treatments a week apart and it does help. The only advise I can give is to be aggressive in washing everything continuously and vacuuming and wiping,spraying(we used bed bug spray) also had an exterminator come out as well. We have taken a shower every morning and night, sprayed mattresses heavily and our cars. We also have lint rollers,the good ones we keep by our beds,so if in the night we feel something, we grab the roller to get rid of it..So crazy,no way to live for sure. Prayers for you that are dealing with this,there is hope,I do believe it will end but you have to be continuous with it all..And prayer.

  • Need any help

    This is an underserved problem. On me, on the pets,in the apartment, ( typing in gloves )
    more pest control services us a paralyzer that does not kill mites!!!

    They are closing in on my eyes and ears. Freaking out is: me. I know that this is not the place for this but, please forgive. This site reaches a global audience of interesting thinkers. ANY thing will be appreciated!

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