• Birds are machines made by the government

    Did you see a single bird during the government shut down? Like honestly. They werent there. Birds are simply drones created by the government to spy on us, Just like FBI agents. And i know this is the truth even if you all deny it. My third eye is wide open.

  • Is true bird no real

    I ONCE WATVHED PIDGEON POOP OUT METAL CASE CLOSE. IMPOSSIBE FOR BIRD TO FLY NOT A PLANE THEREFORE DRONE. My frend aslo dron and theey speek at knight. Bird not real because my dad says so and he nice. I don like bird. Thank yo u for combing to ted tak

  • BIRD is an Acronym

    BIRD is an acronym for Ballistic Intelligent Reconnaissance Drones. Also, The reason why birds have meat in them is because the government puts meat on the machinery to trick our meager brains into thinking they are real animals. However, If you dig deep enough, And the disintegration software didn't work on the machinery, You will find metal. That's why pigeons can find there way home: The government can pilot them using Siri

  • aren't real pigeosn

    They aren't real i saw one with a wire hanging out its foot - i through my chinese all over the flor - i hate ingland cause of govement

    please help this is outragous our govement is being run by idoits - i please stop help this i don't like it

  • What do you even mean they are real

    I didn't know so many people are so blind in this world. I was taught in elementary school that birds aren't real, And I can't believe anyone thinks differently. This is such a bad debate I can't believe it exists. People, You have been lied to your whole life. Its ok now, However, Since you can learn the truth about how birds aren't real. They are just government spies, Its why they always migrate south during the winter to spy on Mexico.

  • Yes this is one hundred percent true

    As a representative of the Bird Brigade I have seen evidence of this statement in my every day life. All it takes is for the sheeple to wake up and open their eyes to the lies of the government. You can find out more at birdarentreal. Com and you can find us on youtube, Reddit, Twitter, And Instagram, Along with a discord server.

    Birdsarentreal brigade member, Savannah.

  • Manipulation is real

    The Government have created flying machines to SPY on us, What do you think shut down Gatwick. Drones? More like government spies. Just saying. Have you ever felt like you're being watched and when you look around all you see are birds? Yea thats the government, Watch out hunny boo boo *kisses*

  • Nope they aint real

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  • Theyre government surveillance drones

    When the government shut down, I saw no birds. The day after trump sent people back to work, I saw and heard birds the next day. I also live in the south, So there shoudlve been an influx of birds during the cold. Birds aren't real, Stop being ignorant. Yeet

  • No, There not. . . .

    Birds, Are not real, They are just spies. Since, The gov. Shut down they have not been anywhere in sight. Because the gov. Made a species, Called "Birds" but are just actually robots made to spy on the world. They even fly to other parts of the world for the USA. We sent some to China, And North Korea, To spy on them.

  • I saw birds during the government shutdown.

    Even if some birds are drones, None of them are interested in my town. However, I doubt that they are, As a flock of surveillance devices isn't efficient. Any time more than two birds are in the same place, They are wasting their time and money to all watch the same thing.

  • Birds are definitely real

    Birds are real because i see them lay eggs and find food for their babies. I was even at a convention and this guy put a hawk on my shoulder and it didn't feel like their was metal on the inside of the hawk. Birds are real animals not artificial.

  • Birds real really

    You know, I went outside just to prove y'all wrong. I caught a bird with my bare hands and wrung its little neck. Its blood is running down my hands onto my keyboard as i type this so id say theyre preety real alright. Some of you may now say "ok liberal, Nice try, But even if they have blood and stuff they have surveillance eyeballs. " well guess what ding dong idiot stupid rart heads, Youre wrong. Using my dewitt tm power drill, I drilled straiht down into its brain. The fluids leaked out all over my desk, Its grey matter staining my work pants (i am a red blooded working class man). I found that, In fact, There are NO SURVAILLANCE DEVICES IN THE BIRDS BRIAN! What about the eyes? I drilled into those too. . . I boiled them to fry any electronics, Then ate them to test if there was any metal that would upset my digestion. . . It did, But thats probably because I ate bird eyebals. Anyswasy god bless

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