• He made the disability law

    He was a good president. Sure he was no FDR, Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover, but give the man some credit. He did a lot of good things. Between Truman and him, I'll vote for him. Between Wilson and him, I'll vote for him. Even between Reagan and him, I'll vote for him!

  • Not as Good as Reagan.

    Yes, George H. Bush was a great president, but he didn't have the sass and charm that Reagan had. Overall, George H. Bush stood for free-market principles, even more so than his son ever did. He didn't put them into place quite as well as Regan did, but he still wasn't a bad president.

  • Because of two accomplishments

    I think he was a good president first because he signed a law and passed it to congress for the disabled people not to be discriminated because of their disability. And second he reauthorized the law for a clean air that people need to live in a clean air environment.

  • No way whatsoever

    George bush put the usa through many wars that not only was one of the causes of the economic problems but also led to millions of deaths of innocent arabs and that is not a factor to be taken lightly no matter his achievements this was also the cause of the deaths of many American soliders. He didn't care about anything but securing Israel and getting more oil.

  • George H. Bush average president

    George H Bush was not a great president in the sense that other presidents have been considered great. There was nothing particularly special about his leadership and he was not the instigator of any particularly amazing events. It is easy to say that someone is special when they reach a great age, and it has been many years since they were president but at the time he was not considered great and so he should not now be considered great either.

  • Nope, Nope, Nope.

    It's been proven that his policies don't work. Let's look at this from the point of view of all of the military families during desert storm. There was a lot of fear there, caused by a quest for oil. I don't believe that his dependence Reaganomics did this country any good either.

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