Blac Chyna visits Rob Kardashian: Should children learn about the Kardashians in elementary school?

  • Yes, they are apart of our current events.

    The subject of history in school teaches children about the most influential aspects of a culture at that given period of time. Unfortunately, reality television has become a mainstay of American entertainment, and the Kardashians are at the pinnacle of the genre. One cannot deny that idolizing socialites and celebrities has become a giant part of the millennial culture, amplified by the advancement of technology and introduction of social media.

  • No, just no.

    I am not sure why this would provide any academic merit. TV show personalities have no place in any school, let alone elementary schools. What would children learn from the Kardashians? What would they wake away from the experience? Nothing of value, nothing of worth in any sense. Perhaps they may learn not to idolize such people, but I doubt that would be what is taught.

  • Why should they?

    The halls of academia are unproductive as it is, poisoned by emotions and state-run curriculum. The way in which students learn now is to thrive on the use of the heart as opposed to the brain. By filling students' ears with more useless junk, instead of equipping future generations with labor skills [and etc], we would be deterring the success of those very same people.

    The 'history class and current events' excuse can easily be countered by the fact that current events does not necessarily entail celebrities, rather what is going on internationally and politically on this earth.

  • What utter nonsense!

    The Kardashian's are a family who are basically just famous for existing and having big bums. They provide nothing of value to the world, so why on earth should children learn about them in school? School is much better suited to teaching about people who actually made a difference to history.

  • No, children should not learn about the Kardashians in elementary school

    No, children should not learn about the Kardashians in elementary school. They are celebrities who should be interesting to older people but not children of elementary school as well because many things that they do are not child friendly. Today,people think about celebrities too much. Children should not be learning about celebrities in school.

  • They know too much.

    Children learn about things anyways. There is no way to shelter children from popular culture forever. There is no reason for the kids to need to learn things in the schools that they will learn from their friends, anyways. Children can do more valuable things with their time, like learn about history and science.

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Who are the Kardashians?