• Yes I will

    I will probably shop online but not in a brick and mortar store. I can't take the crowds. I know the site that I shop on will have lots of good sales. So after I eat my turkey and pie, I will relax by checking out the sales. It will be fun!

  • Give workers off

    Retailer's are out of control with the hours they are starting to have on Thanksgiving. This year, most open at 6pm on thanksgiving, keeping employees for overnight shifts and remaining open all of Friday. Not to mention there are still the fact that next year they will still have to open an hour earlier than this year to stay in competition with the other retailers. It is expected that by 2016, retailers will be opening at normal business hours on thanksgiving[8 or 9am] and also lobbying to make thanksgiving lose its status of federal holiday so they no longer have to play time and a half on that day. If consumers continue to make black Friday successful, we will lose one of the most American holidays that exists. Football, Turkey, Family, and Thanks will all go out the door, fed to greedy CEO's who do not care if their employees get to meet up with their families at all or even get paid enough to compensate for the fact that they need to work long hours when businesses have no business being open.

  • Absolutely Not At All

    I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving and I would like to urge others to do the same. The deals you are getting at these retailers are not worth it and these companies are often offering these deals on the backs of their under paid workers. Give you humanity a chance to enjoy their family or maybe just a day off. We need to turn this trend around.

  • No I will not shop on Thanksgiving.

    This year, I don't think I will be participating in Black Friday. Especially not on thanksgiving. I believe these days are crazy and should be spread out within a couple days, at least. The rush of people can become quite dangerous and usually, by the time you end up there, everything is out of stock already!

  • No, I won't shop on Thanksgiving.

    This coming Black Friday, I will not be a part of the Black Friday shopping spree madness. I say this, though, not as someone who is opposed in principle to hyper-consumerism, but simply as someone who's not particularly gainfully employed at the moment. While critics of consumer culture may have a bit of a point, it's worth pointing out that it is precisely the mania for consumer goods and services that has driven the significant economic prosperity the US has enjoyed for so many decades now. If I were in a position to do so, I would definitely partake in this aspect of our consumer culture.

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