Black Friday deals and store hours: Are you planning on shopping during Black Friday?

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  • No, I am not.

    I am not going Black Friday shopping this year. I do not like the fact that most retail workers are forced to work Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and I think that they should be treated better. It is not a good practice and people should be given the option of whether or not they want to work.

  • No, I am not planning on shopping during Black Friday

    No, I am not planning on shopping during Black Friday. I don't feel a need to fight everyone for some imagined bargain on an item I probably would not have purchased in the first place. Any savings I may have found would have been lost by the time, energy and frustration of the event.

  • No, I don`t.

    I just don't get it. Also because of the greedy, simple minded cretins this appeals to. So that people with small amounts of sense can ignore all-year-round bargains, and spend their money on something that may not be properly discount, and buy a load of stuff they don't need in a rush of misplaced greediness. Simple!

  • No, I will not shop on Black Friday.

    I don’t participate in Black Friday shopping. I was never truly a fan of all the confusion. It still amazes me that people are willing to go out into mobs just to get discounts on presents, but people have done stranger things before. I will watch if I happen to need something while a sale is happening.

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