Black Friday shooting leaves one man dead. Should more be done to reduce the danger of Black Friday?

  • Yes, I think so.

    These days, many stores begin Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving and sales continue through Cyber Monday. Friday isn't necessarily the best day to shop. Last year, Americans spent more than $3 billion on Cyber Monday, an increase of 16% from the prior year. You can find even better deals for certain items, including tech and apparel, on Monday without even having to leave your house.

  • yes it should

    Ultimately, you can't expect stores to change their pursuit of profits, and you can't expect them to control the worst impulses and bad behavior of consumers. I am coming to appreciate the businesses that let their employees stay with family on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. However, something should be done to reduce the chaos and potential violence that happens when shoppers are pursing big deals.

  • Yes more should be done to reduce danger of black friday

    It is so serious for people to take law into their hands and take people life. It may be shopping ventures should be security armed to prevent such occurrence again. A man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in a shooting outside of a Macy's in New Jersey on Friday morning while another was shot dead in an apparent road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Nevada on Thursday.

    A fourth person suffered a gunshot wound on Thursday at a mall in Tennessee as shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.

    Amid Black Friday madness, cellphone footage from various stores showed shoppers fighting over items in a bid to score shopping deals.

    In video apparently recorded inside a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia, showed shoppers fighting over towels that were on sale for $1.60 during the Black Friday rush on Thursday.

    At one point, one woman so eager to get her hands on a towels that she fell into the box.

    Meanwhile, shoppers at a Walmart in Houston broke into an all-out melee on Black Friday, as customers battled it out for some $99 kiddie convertibles.

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  • No, more should not be done to reduce the danger of Black Friday.

    The issue with this shooting is not Black Friday itself but the abundance of guns in this country. Therefore, there is nothing that could be done for Black Friday in particular to remedy this. Rather, to ensure increased safety of everyone on everyday, we should focus on decreasing the number of guns in this country. Additionally, education about the proper use of guns and attempts to decrease reactions leading to people grabbing a gun at the first sign of anger should also be implemented.

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s-jiar says2016-11-26T18:18:08.187
It's just one life in the first place....................-_-