• They are even.

    Think about it, guys. If the world was all black, then there would be no life and no dimension. The only tone we could see would be black. That kinda sucks, doesn't it? However, everything is balanced out with white. This is a great contrasting color. Furthermore, in olden days, the TV was black and white. If the TV was fully black then you couldn't see anything.
    Thanks for hearing me out.

  • Blacks are better than Whites because..............

    In many ways blacks are better than whites. To be honest i don't like wearing white t-shirt because if i get something on my shirt the stain is going to stay there forever. On the other hand you wont be able to see the stain if you are wearing a black shirt. There are heaps more reasons why blacks are better than whites.

  • Black is better than white

    I'm doing a debate at school, and I got "black is better than white" I really believe black is better, because if you mix white with any colour, the colour will show out. But if you mix black with any colour, black will ALWAYS stand out, so it means it's more powerful. :D Tell me if you agree

  • Always bet on black

    I've had all kinds of WOMEN!!!!!! Been in Love with em and through the Mudd with em, But there ain't a day that I wouldn't say "Fuck that White girl" (even though some r sexy as hell) I will always bet on black any time or any day. I don't eat chocolate and cherries together, I used to prefer a thick "White girl", because I thought the pussy looked cleaner.......But although some of my "Black Women" are ignorant sometimes, the pussy is a "WHOLELOTSWEETER"!!!!!!!!!

  • Yoza it is way better

    Black is way better by miles because you can do so many thing with black and black is normaly the lower raked person and the white is on top. Well black keeps you warm and white keeps you cold and white never goes with any thing and black does. YOZA

  • I went black once

    Wow that's some thick nigger dick do any of you think "I want it in all my holes please give the nigger dick I need it to live I'd die without he nigger dick" ??? If you said no, you've never tried black dick. Try the black, I promise you you'll never go back.

  • All races are equal

    Simple. Both are human, neither better than the other. If this was around 30 to 40 years ago, most people would be voting NO for white people, whereas I am voting for both, saying that White is not better than Black, but Black is not better than white. Skin colour does

  • Oh heck no

    White is the pure color boi, when god was makin jesus he did it the correct way, thinking he could do it again he created a black and again and again, while whites where in the line to recieve their brains blacks where already getting obease at the nearest subway.

  • White tends to be preferred.

    I have to laugh at how many skirt the issue even the author of it. They figured by posting one way or the other makes someone prejudice so make his response about clothing as others did.
    Personally, I don't think any one race is born better or worse than the rest be it black, white, red, yellow or any other. I judge a person by their actions and words instead of their ancestors origins so my response is not about racism but about most peoples personal preference. Fact is, many if not most black people tend to view other black people by how dark their skin is and the lighter the better. Funny thing is, many black people tend to be more racist about their own people. Some tend to look down on darker black people and tend to think that lighter black people look down on them. At the other end, white people do a bit of that as well but not to the same extent. They look at pale white people as being less healthy but in a way that could be logical because those who go outside of exercise tend to have at least some tan.

  • Well, it depends.

    According to Charles Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" theory, we can tell that sometimes White is better than Black. However, in some circumstances, Black is better than White as well. Hear me out guys. When you have a drip of white paint dropped on top of a painting, you can always use other colours to cover it up. However if you have a drip of black paint dropped on top of a painting, you can never cover it up, since "Once you go black , you can never go back" - Albert Einstein ,2012

  • It depends on the season.

    Black has lower albedo, so I prefer black in winter - it retains heat better. White, on the contrary, is great in summer since white reflects most of the light. Oh, and if you paint your room white, it becomes bright and joyful, whereas black paint will turn your room into some kind of gloomy dungeon in children's fairy tales.

  • Wow! This is a very racially-charged topic!

    First of all, I don't care which races are involved ... IT IS RACIST TO SUGGEST THAT ANY RACE IS "BETTER" THAN ANOTHER! Second, I'm surprised DDO even let this stay up. It has all the makings of being offensive to someone. Last but not least, if you are valuing anyone by the color of their skin is shows just how narrow-minded & shallow you are as an individual. Every color has beauty. Every color has its problems. No race is perfect.

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SweetTea says2014-06-17T12:43:01.493
It is racist to suggest that ANY race is better than another.
Formerland1 says2014-06-17T23:47:55.713
Is this the coulor or the race