'Black Lives Matter' movement organizer found guilty of felony: does this criminal charge make the movement less legitimate?

  • Yes it does

    This movement has always been illegitimate. They started because of the "hands up" lie and wont admit that they were wrong. They disrupt people who disagree with them even when those people are at meetings to help black people. They block roads. Now this. No one should take this movement seriously.

  • Worse than the KKK

    Black lives matter has burned down more buildings of innocent people in a year than the KKK has done in 3 decades. It's stupid and useless. How is rioting, smashing car windows and burning buildings gonna help your "equality" or stop "racism?" Police brutality is currently happening to people of all races so stop whining.

  • The movement is much bigger than this one person

    The Black Lives Matter movement is about an entire race, not just one person. The fact that a leader for this movement has been found guilty of a crime does not take away the decades of hatred and abuse suffered by many blacks in this country. The movement needs to continue, until equality for all people, regardless of race or anything else, has been achieved.

  • Of course not

    "Black Lives Matter" was a movement started due to the brutal murders of several black men by rogue police officers. None of it would have come to light without the numerous cell phone videos, which highlight the atrocities that take place every day. The movement is bigger than one person, so whatever criminal charge or investigation the founders are facing , it does not negate the tragedies that are visited upon several families every year and the necessity of this movement to highlight the ills of society so it can correct itself.

  • All lives matter

    A respected group leader, regardless of movement, should always be held to a high moral standard. But people are human, and they make mistakes. If a leader of the movement died, it wouldn't invalidate the purpose of the movement, and neither should criminal charges. If something is important enough to make a 'movement' that people follow, then it has an important role in the social community and should live on.

  • No, it only hurts the legitimacy of the movement organizer

    The 'Black Lives Matter' movement is not just one person. It is a community of African Americans who are fighting for the elimination of police brutality. If one person within the movement makes a mistake, that does not suddenly make every other, law-abiding person within the movement illegitimate. Black Lives still matter, even if they commit a crime.

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Fernyx says2016-06-04T01:34:47.343
The movement is followed by only 10% of the population, this just proves why 90% don't want to join. I mean hell, the founder had to lie about his race to be accepted.