Black Lives Matter, So do Jewish lives, Jews don't deserve to be hated or Persecuted, Blacks should Support Jews

  • This is bad wording but okay

    Although you've said it in a very bad and confusing way you are technically right. Nobody, Including Jewish people and black people, Should be discriminated against or persecuted. However, The Black Lives Matter movement was to highlight the current need for equality for black people and not to diminish the hundreds of other groups who have/are persecuted.

  • This is a racial issue

    Jewish is not a race, If you want to make a Jewish Lives Matter, Then go ahead, But in no way does it relate or need to be compared the the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement isn't saying that other races don't matter, It's saying black lives matter TOO. For an example; you had to give a eulogy for a loved one and you say "This person is really special" then someone else interrupts you and says "well I'm special too. "

  • Der Juden is the greatest evil ever seen.

    I don't think either of these two groups deserves much sympathy, To be frank, I think the only lives that truly matter are those of the strong nordic race. It has been proven by science that blacks are inferior in almost every mental aspect compared to Nordics or East Asiatics.

    Meanwhile, The jew is of an even filthier breed. They constantly conspire and meddle as to increase their own power at the cost of others. What was the Soviet Union if not a Jewish powergrab? What are modern politics and big corporations if not just the playground of the jew?

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