• Kill yourself please

    Kill yourself if you think ghosts is better, the maps are better the guns are better the graphics are better, zombies beets extinction by a lot the dlc in Black Ops 2 are way better bo2 is better. Overall black ops 2 is a better game. The competitive scene is better in black ops 2 than in ghosts.

  • Yes, Black Ops is classic.

    Yes, Black Ops 2 is better than Ghosts, because Black Ops is the classic. They made Ghosts just because Black Ops sold well, but Ghosts never did what Black Ops did. Ghosts didn't even sell as well. Black Ops is more realistic and doesn't have as much fantasy in it as Ghosts does.

  • I would play Ghosts.

    Ghosts is very new, and on an entirely new 4th generation platform. Black Ops 2 is nearly the same price to buy, and on old hardware. I played Black Ops 1 myself and didn't like it as much either, so I don't have very high expectations for Black Ops 2. I would rather try something new than something that came out over a year ago.

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