Black Ops 3: Is Black Ops 3 bad for kids because of the content it shows?

  • Please go and by these games for your child I he/she can handle it.

    I let my kids play these kind of games because I trust them.
    I know they wouldn’t go into an airport with a light machine gun and go completely ape shit because they played mw2. Some kids don’t understand the difference between games and real life and that shouldent affect if the smart kids should end play the game or not. So please just buy cod for your children.

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  • No keep bo3

    Bo3 is a good game all you have to do is take the bad things off if you don't want your kids to be revealed to the cursing blood and gore I'm 12+ I take the cursing off but not the blood and gore just let your kids play it just make sure that you turn off the bad things yourself

  • Not suitable for children

    I see aggression from children who play this on a regular basis. I don't think young children should play these sorts of games. They become obsessed with the game and it dulls their imagination. They also turn in tired to school as they have played it for extended time at night - robbing them of necessary sleep.

  • Tweens that are 10 and up to adult should be able to play it.

    It a futuristic shooter but although it has language and blood and gore
    buy it for split screen and multiplayer (I would suggest ps4) and there is a setting for blood and gore/ language you can turn it on and off and if you do that only play splitscreen and multiplayer

  • They should play it if.......(read the text below)

    Don't play campaign and zombies also turn on the graphic filter and mute everyone only play multiplayer. This would make this a T game
    it's fun with out blood and gore and cursing . Hope you like this review
    and please like this. This makes this game for 12 and younger

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  • It's a matter of your kids personal maturity.

    I feel that these games do have some questionable material for kids. When played kids are defiantly exposed to some first person shooter action. The way your kid can handle these types of violence should sway your decision. If your kid is mature enough to handle it they should be allowed to play it.

  • Its good for kids its very very good for kids

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  • Well its age good for me

    Look sheltering ur kids is no good u should let them explore violence in some cases but when they do leave home and have no idea thru will be torn when they learn so i think 12plus is good but ur kids ur debate also cod is not that violent

  • No, Black Ops 3 should be restricted to teens and older

    Black Ops 3 is a violent first-person shooter video game. As such, it should be restricted for sale to those who are teenagers or older. That is the age it should be offered for sale, though there is no control over a parent buying it for their children. It is up to them in that extent.

  • Fantasy vs. Reality

    Every child is different and it is up to the parents to decide if something is appropriate for their children. However, most children are more than capable of telling fantasy from reality. Sheltering kids from the world does not help them deal with reality. It leaves them without coping mechanisms when they do leave home.

  • Video games are not to blame for violence in the world.

    Oftentimes, violence or undesirable behavior is blamed upon music, television, and games. The content of Black Ops 3 is less violent than many horror films children watch. While it isn't suitable for very young children, I don't see an issue with children in middle school playing this game. If you are worried about children being desensitized to violence by playing a video game, you should also turn off the news and cancel your newspaper subscription to avoid exposing them to violent content.

  • 11+ should be allowed to play it

    You may think that this game is to inappropriate for kids. Kids need to face reality eventually. They even made an option to make it more kid friendly. They should be allowed only if the turn of gore and swearing. I don't think 6-10 year olds should play but a t least middle school kids should be allowed.

  • I think kids that are mature should be able to play games like this.

    This game is violent but that doesn’t mean that those who play this gepame is gonna kill someone or hurt someone. If your kids is mature please let them play cod. It’s killing time not people. But the parent need to deside whether or not their kids should play this game.

  • It is not

    Its good for kids I MEAN IT IS GOOD FOR KIDS AT ALL TIMES IF YOU TURN THE BLOOD OFF ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !!! AND THE LANGUAGE

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  • All of the kids who don't play this game will find out all of the bad things in life without playing games.

    Kids will learn all this stuff in the future, so there is NO NEED to keep it a secret. Kids at the age of 11 and up should be able to these games, because like I said they will learn all about the content in the game, and they will learn it without the game too.

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