• Totally. Absolutely worth it.

    Just as if you couldn't find something worse than a white or an arab, The black useless pathetic male shows himself. These are the types who are nothing but a detriment to black society. These pieces of shits only associate themselves with whiteness, Date white, Marry white, Have half white kids, Spend white, And so on. While they leave the black community to suffer and talk shit about black women to everyone publicly. Most notable niggers would be Michael B Jordan, Lil Wayne, Michael Jordan, The Weekend, All of the nigger male players for manchester united f. C, Stephon Clark, Most famous black nigger males who play any kind of sport, Most carribbean niggers, Most nigger musicians, And so on. Its time we, The black people who are entirely TIRED and pissed with these sambos that we hang em high in the sky for all black male children to see the result of betraying your race. Get mad, I don't care.

  • No one deserves death.

    No one, No matter how bad, Deserves death and anyone who thinks that anyone deserves public hanging is evil but i respect their opinion. Skin colour and self-belief is not a reason for death and the idea of death for these reasons is distopian. Therefore, Black self-hating men should not be publicly hanged.

  • There are other options

    We need more education and sterilization not genocide. We need to mandate a high school education, Drug test for all government benefits, Sterilize those with multiple children on public aid, And we would see less of these "detriments to black society". Mandating work camps (that provide child care) for everyone on government benefits as well would increase productivity on laborious tasks and teach basic work skills.

  • So they are not black enough?

    Man what is it with black people about how is the blackest. Who is more blacker. Who is the blackest. I married a black women and painted my house black and I live in a black neighborhood so I am the blackest.
    No I am the blackest I talk black and dis is the wright way to talk my homies axe me whatchu do.
    You should not tell black men how to behave like that. What is the point of acting like that when you gain nothing from it. Even in jail black people had to act a certain way and they hurt themselves. I saw this black man that had to rant and appear black. He was a total wimp but he had to do the act. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk and wear the the wear. Is there some manual you follow because my black neighbor who owns a jaguar acts nothing like that. I do not see him hating himself.

  • This is so odd

    A racist black man agrees with what racist white men say. No marrying outside of your "race". Do you secretly want to be some uncle tom? I bet a racist white man would enjoy talking with you and finding out you share the same common belief.
    I am sorry but I do not want to marry my cousin and I can marry who I want. Even some of your Idols are half black and have some white European genes in them.
    African Americans are geneticly different from normal Africans. Some are more mixed than others. There already exist black and Latino hybrids called Puerto Africans and Brazilians and Cubans. Some brave black men are also in Asia and in Europe. Should they just die single because there isn't a single black women to marry and procreate with?
    And then some people like the allure of curvy slender black women. Who are you to deny them there right?
    When you find someone hot your body will betray you, But if you find that someone who understands you your heart betrays you.

  • Don't do that.

    This is terrible if someone hanged themself in public. I know they hate themselves but no, We have to encourage them. Nobody worth dying at all. Unless they're in jail, I don't wanna mention it, The thing I wanna mention is stop racisting (non-racist). If anyone who don't agree this, Comment below, I want your ideas, Too.

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