Blackberry CEO "won't chase sensationalism:" Will Blackberry ever compete with Samsung or Apple?

  • They do not have to.

    Blackberry's sales and popularity outside of North America are to shabby, and with all the focus on celebrities around the globe, that are not carrying a Blackberry, they will think about it when Cristiano Ronaldo is photographed daily holding one. Blackberry has always been a brand associated with professionalism and productivity, they should continue the marketing and endorsement deals like the old days. They will be back.

  • No, Blackberry will never compete with Apple.

    Blackberry certainly had its moment in the sun about a decade ago. Since then the company has struggled to stay afloat while former rivals like Apple took over supremacy of the cell phone market. It would take a game changing technology developed by Blackberry to put them back into relevancy.

  • No They Won't

    I think Blackberry had its 15 minutes quite a few years ago and I don't think they're going to be able to actually compete with Samsung or Apple any time soon. These phones were the first to provide too much personal information and people remember that. I know I'm not interested.

  • No they won't

    Blackberry will not ever compete with them because they are old news. It seems like the blackberry had a fad for a while, and everyone wanted one, but now I didn't even know they still made blackberry phones. Nobody talks about wanting one, everyone wants and iPhone or an android

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