BlackBerry releases new mobile device, the Passport: Is BlackBerry poised for a comeback?

  • Yes. They are poised for a comeback.

    Blackberry was a huge success before smart phones hit their stride. They were the number one device for businessmen and continued to be until the iPhone became widely used. Blackberry did a lot of things right but they fell off the map and couldn't compete with the level of technology Apple and then later, Samsung, was coming out with. Blackberry has had some time to catch up and in that time, I believe they have come out with a superior product that will win back the business phone market.

  • Oh BlackBerry, sweet BlackBerry, go gentle into that good night.

    I remember my first BlackBerry. I held the magic device in my geeky little hands and marveled at the fact that I could send an email from this teeny tiny little machine. I used it faithfully for about 3 years, until someone put a Nokia 3280 in front of my face.

    BlackBerry was a thing of beauty, and then it stumbled and fell too many times! Need I say Pearl or are you picking up what I'm putting down? BlackBerry has lost a lot of it's cache among it's faithful users. It's idea to refocus and try to pull back a lot of it's diehard fan base among the business community is good, but may be too late at this point.

    My BlackBerry is still sitting in a box somewhere, gathering dust, yet reminding me of the sweet days before the smartphone, when email was king. A simpler time, a better time maybe. Ah BlackBerry, thanks for the memories

  • BlackBerry is left in the dust.

    BlackBerry has become an antiquated company. Though the release of their new product, the Passport, may have some sales, it will not be able to compete with the companies farther in the lead, like Apple and Samsung. Unless BlackBerry can find a new way to be relevant (i.e. a partnership with another platform, or a completely new technology), they won't be able to make the comeback they desire.

  • It won't take off.

    Blackberry is seen as the technology device of yesterday. If they are to make a comeback, they need to rebrand themselves. Their devices will never take off as long as people are still calling them Blackberries. They need to call them something else, so that people don't associate them with emerging technology a decade ago.

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